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A Special Anniversary

Everyone ! Quick !

Run to the corner store, the local corporate entity(aka Wall – Mart ) or anywhere that sells paper goods. Purchase stationery, paper plates or plans d’etude. It does not matter what you bring home in your official Canadiens de Montreal shopping bags as long as you bring it home before the 5th of February , 2012.

As your Mom or Grandmother will remind you – a gift made from paper is the present of choice when celebrating a one year anniversary. Unless you are a denizen of the modern-day United States of Gingrich. Then, of course, a ‘ cadeaux ‘ of the ticking sort would be appropriate . There is no better way to celebrate one year than to keep track off all 31536000 seconds that have passed on your brand new clock or watch.

That way you can discover in a non-leap year, there are 525,600 minutes in a year.That is roughly 263,300 boiled eggs you can eat with your Gordie Howe commemorative fork. Go ahead wash them down with orange juice straight from your Maurice Richard commemorative glass. Just think – in one year , a complete bible reading can take place online. Separated into segments so your daily sins can run their proper course.

In England, cotton is the gift for the person, place or thing that has survived 365 days to see another hockey game. Cotton swabs, cotton – tailed rabbits or just plain run – of – the – mill cotton will be suffice as a gift.

So – just what is the reason for such a topic? Who, what, where and why is Le Forum de Montreal pre – occupied with such a monumental moment?

Before I fill the blanks on your curiosity cheque , here are some of the things that take a year to do …

– A formerly married couple must live apart for one year before they may proceed with a divorce.. For some – a very, very long time !

-An Ostrich Hen lays on average 60 eggs in one year. ( unless the male Ostrich uses condoms).

-Light travels 9.5 billion kilometers.

Mind – boggling statistics to say the least !

Considering all of the above , use the paper and write a note to the Montreal Canadiens ‘ Scott Gomez … Wish him well on his one year anniversary !

Before he can answer – place the cotton in his mouth and point to the clock that is ticking quickly on his future.

Ladies , gentlemen and Milan Lucic – on February 5 th , 2012 , it will be one year since Scott Gomez scored a goal

'Sheesh ' the day ... ?

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