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Top Ten P.K Subban Trades

As the crucial point of the season commences – there is all kinds of trade talk.

The Montreal Canadiens are smack in the middle of these ‘exchanges’ as they cling to a shot at the playoffs. Will the team rid themselves of players such as Gill,Moen and Kostitsyn? In dismissing these types of players,the Habs could build a quality group of youth for the future.

Then again, Pierre Gauthier is at the helm so a used puck back is closer to the truth.

The reality of the Canadiens situation is they are caught in a tough position.Gone are the Smurf experimental days. Speed is part of their menu yet ‘ steak’ has replaced ‘chicken fingers’ as the team has realized that toughness is a more savory ingredient towards success.

The team requires more Erik Coles. Rene Bourque is the new Shayne Corson and if the Habs could accumulate more of these players – The Boston Bruins will be even more fearful of their division rivals than what they currently are.

There are rumors spinning around faster than a hamster in a wheel
concerning P.K Subban. He is not coachable, he is not liked by his teammates and he is too self – centered.Most G.M ‘s in the league will say straight out the Canadien rearguard’s name is never on the table when the trading cards are dealt.Most G.M’s publicly would say that
Mike Milbury did a good job. So – who knows what is up?

If the Habs decide or have decided to shop P.K around- it is not a bad
choice as long as the deal MAKES SENSE …

Here now are the ONLY top ten trades that Gauthier could make for P.K without being tied and shackled to the back of a Habs fan’s smart car.

10. To Vancouver for Kevin Bieska and Alexandre Burrows

9. To Calgary for Jerome Iginla , Ollie Jokinen and Jay Bowmeester.

8. To Edmonton for Thomas Eberle and Ryan Nugent – Hopkins

7. To Pittsburgh for Malkin

6. To LA for Anze Kopitar and Drew Doughty

5. To Chicago for Duncan Keith and Viktor Stalberg

4. To San Jose for Dan Boyle and Ryan Clowe

3. To Detroit for Franzen and Conklin

2. To Minnesota for Koivu and Clutterbuck

And the number one trade …?

1. To Montreal for P.K Subban

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