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The Thomas – Crown Affair aka The Jack Todd Incident

Thomas - In the middle ?

Boston Bruin net minder Tim Thomas chose to use his freedom of speech to veto a visit to the White House. Kudos to the goalie for placing his pads in front of all the political snapshots.After all, it is difficult enough to thwart policies that are forthright. Republicans and Democrats’ shots are deflected more times than a Kaberle point shot through traffic.

Thomas’ decision does beg a question. Could he have stood up in his crease in any other way? Could Tim have sealed the five – hole in a fashion that would not have offended his teammates? In opting for a no – show at the house that George Washington built, Thomas thumbed his blocker at every cent of his millions in the bank.

Like or dislike the way that America is run all the way to the Bank. Burn the American flag and toss your Mike Modano bobble head doll into the red,white and blue garbage can in your garage. As a citizen in the Excited States – it is part of the constitution that allows you to do so. In doing all of the above, an American ( transplanted or not ), must remember one thing;it is because you live in such a place that you are able to earn a great living.In Tim Thomas’ case – a fantastic living at that.

The entire situation opens more cans of worms than in a Foghorn Leghorn sketch. If Thomas were not rich and famous and decided to skip the White House ceremony, no one save for his dearest friend and relatives would have given an Uncle Sam’s rat’s ass. At the same token – if the subject had come up if Thomas were not part of a Stanley Cup winning team , eyebrows may have gone up yet closed just as quick after a few lines in the local papers.Should politics and sport be mixed in the same glass or should they rest apart like Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin?

Tim Thomas knew his viewpoint long before the topic became fodder for CNN, Fox and the gals on The View. Nobody said that ( aside from Ken Dryden and Ilya Bryzgalov) goalies were smart. Hockey is a team game and the Boston Bruins were invited as a team to celebrate their team win.Thomas’ decision placed him beyond what a group of individuals fought for and won.Say for instance that Tim despised Maxime Lapierre of the Vancouver Canucks more than
everyone else on his team.Pretend it is game seven of the finals and Thomas’squad is locked at one goal heading into overtime.Suddenly, the Bruin goalie decides he is going to hack Lapierre’s head into the not -so -cheap seats.Thomas gets a penalty, Lapierre goes to the hospital and Vancouver wins the Stanley Cup with a power play goal.Would Tim ‘s selfish decision be applauded even though Lapierre is as disgusting as American Governmental policies?

Personal beliefs,statements or habits are for individual sports such as tennis or masturbation.

If you get caught- the shame or pride rests solely on the individual and Kleenex is used accordingly.


Speaking of wankers …

Jack Todd lives, eats and earns a respectful living in Canada.Jack Todd was born in the United States.Jack Todd ran from his country to avoid the war.Jack Todd is what they call a draft dodger.

The Gazette sports columnist and novelist fled his country to speak his mind against government policies.Tim Thomas did the same.The only difference is Mr.Todd eats poutines on a regular basis while Thomas must wait for a game against the Habs.

In his column on Monday,January 3o- Todd calls Thomas’decision ‘ as classy as a swamp rat’. Todd cites his case because Thomas snubbed President Obama. In the words of comedian Steve Martin ;” Exxxxxxccccccuuuuuusssseeeee me?”

Is the kettle suddenly black? Is George W Bush literate? Is Milan Lucic a candidate for the Lady Bing Trophy?

Jack Todd in all his ‘Loria- ness’, has crossed the Mason – Dixon line and should be shot with silly putty before anyone sees the whites of his eyes.Todd disagreed with his President and the ideas of government.Instead of knocking on the White House door and inviting himself
in to discuss the matters – Mr.Todd hopped on the closest Molson beer wagon and ‘ beaver-tailed’ it to Canada. Granted , Thomas did not ask to sit down for dinner with Obama yet at the very least, did not flee the safe confines of Massachusetts.

Shame on Todd for calling out Thomas and shame on Todd for deploying a top ten list in his column.

Le Forum de Montreal has those rights – it is in the constitution of the United States of Les Canadiens de Montreal.

As usual – Habs Eye on the Prize , the Hockey Writers and Knuckles  will help you out !

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  1. Dan

     /  January 30, 2012

    I wonder if the comparisons are the same.

    The Vietnam draft basically asked a young man of 18 years old to possibly give his life for an imperialist country’s dream to eliminate communism.


    Tea Party politics being play out by a NHL goalie who has been hit in the head with pucks flying at 100 mph.

    I’ll side with Jack Todd on this one.

    I have one correction for Jack Todds list of Zeros:
    Zeros: Tim Thomas, Tim Thomas, Tim Thomas, …, Jeffrey Loria, David Samson, Pierre Gauthier &&&&& last AND least, Tim Thomas.


  2. I know where you are coming from yet Thomas is rallying against many things and one is sending 18 year old men to fight wars that the Americans have no right to be in. The two cases are similar and what would Thomas do if he were a normal dude ? What would Thomas have done as an 18 yr old when the Vietnam War broke out. There was no tea party and if Thomas chose to flee his country like Todd – then the two are the same which is what I am implying here.

  3. Dan

     /  January 31, 2012

    I don’t think you can compare what Tim Thomas did as an INDIVIDUAL to what Jack Todd and thousands of young people of his generation were facing at the time of the Vietnam war. Jack’s decision was life altering. Jack Todd had to live with the stigma until Jimmy Carter had the guts to pardon the draft dodgers and bring home his fellow Americans who’s beliefs differed from the old guard. What Thomas did was unwittingly blame the leader of his country for the problems which he actually believes democrats and republicans in the government together have caused. Using words in his statement “This is in direct opposition to the Constitution…” He showed total disrespect his country’s democratic process. He speaks like a fear mongering naive attack-ad proponent spreading untruths and distorting facts to better his own political leanings. He failed to realize that the occasion was to be used for the promotion of Hockey. Maybe he thinks he’ll still be playing with the Bruins in forty years from now when they might win the cup again and then meet with a Tea Party President. Not!

  4. The two situations are not the same concretely. In theory , they are the same. Whatever the circumstances , past or present or in the future – the two men are not happy with what their leaders,govt or parties are doing. Todd made his statement and Thomas his – with Todd getting on Thomas ‘ case, in my opinion he is telling all his readers young and old – it is not okay to stand up for your beliefs …which in essence is exactly what he did.
    Thanks for reading Dan ….It s only rock n roll ( but I like it ).


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