Non – Wing Night / Roy vs. Lafleur

An educated person would have estimated perhaps 1.5 % of the people at the Wings – Habs game Wednesday night had ,at one point in time, experimented with LSD. At the end of the first period – twenty thousand plus spectators must have felt they were on the illicit drug and all that was missing was a purple elephant offering chips at a discounted price.Enough about me …

The Detroit Red Wings , the league’s top team, commenced the All Star break the same time as the rest of the league. The only team playing on Wednesday were the Canadiens. Fitting, since the Hab players ( save for Price), have been on break since mid – November.A combination of the Wings absence and a little bit of luck – torpedoed any chance of what most people thunk – a domination by the Babcock – led Wings.

Instead of Price skating to the bench and instructing Geoff Molson that he had played his last game as a Hab, it could have been Howard telling Mike Illitch that he had downed his final pan – pan pizza regardless if it was free.The Detroit net minder was bad yet his defense much worse in a period that saw the Sawchuk wannabe allow four goal on twelve shots. A dozen shots were what Mike Babcok insisted he was having at the end of the game. Twice in the month of January – the coaches’ team has been ridiculed by bottom tier teams. The lowly Islanders embarrassed the Wings 5 – 1 on the 5th. That defeat along with the 7- 2 massacre in Montreal would make anyone want to drink.

” Where…” Babcok must be wondering. “Is that purple elephant when you need him?”

Patrick – Guy , Guy – Patrick

As the Habs stumble, skate and stumble some more during this bizarre and disappointing season, it is interesting how two former hall of famers and former Habs have entirely different opinions on the Canadiens recipe for future success.

Guy Lafleur was a man who played the game by instinct. A trait that continues in his post hockey career. Anyone who has followed Guy over the years knows well the former superstar could never coach in the league. Everything he did , all of his good and bad was done with feeling. When he snuck into the arena in Thurso,Qc ( his boyhood home)to practice his skills, there was a good chance the possibility of arrest never crossed his mind.

Lafleur( in response to Roy), is adamant about the Canadiens NOT tanking the season thus assuring a top draft pick. Guy states that if the current inclination of his former club had pride – finishing out of the playoffs would be one of the seven words you do not say on hockey t.v. Roy , on the other glove, is saying the exact opposite.The former Conn Smythe winner says there is no point competing for a spot in Bettman’s dance. Roy cites an early departure from the post – season which invariably would bring a middle of the Pack pick in next season’s draft. So. Who is right?

Both men played the game with pride and prejudice. The pair’s drive for winning landed both of them on the pedestal and in trouble – on and off the ice. Roy is taking an analytical view while Guy is speaking on instinct and , in typical Guy fashion, from th heart.

Both are right and if a combination of the two paths could be ordered – an extra large pizza box would be required.

If the current team had heart, it is quite possible they would not be in this position to begin with. If the owners and Gauthier had analytical skills – the team would not be in this position to begin with. If Roy and Lafleur were running the team and could play nice in the sandbox, this team may win.Roy and Lafleur could not run this team because of the simple fact they are both passionate in what they do and fights between the two men would be common.

The team needs Roy and Lafleur’s attitude. They need someone who thinks like Roy upstairs and someone who thinks like Lafleur behind the bench.

Two ingredients.Two opinions.

One winner.

As usual – Habs Eye on the Prize , the Hockey Writers and Knuckles  will keep you informed.

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