Where are they now ? Part Two

Once Le Forum de Montreal scoured the city – looking in seedy cafes and under various garbage cans , we soon discovered more of the players that once played for Les Canadiens de Montreal and stopped doing so for various reasons …

Here is what the players were up to once the game against the Washington Capitals commenced …

The Players

Rafael Diaz

Adjusting to his new role as the Spanish ambassador to the country of Switzerland – Diaz made his mark quickly. In the space of two weeks , Rafael thwarted a coup by the Streit family in Long Island and eased the Taco Bell restaurant chain into the Swiss Alps. His next project ? Discovering a way to keep hamburger meat thawed at – 20 temperatures.

Hal Gill

Upon returning to his native land of Massachusetts – Gill contemplated suicide before receiving a call from fellow tall man Kareem Abdul Jabbar. The former Laker recruited Gill in his quest to have a statue erected in his image. Things went well until Gill realized that Jabbar was of African – American descent. Said Gill through a press release ; ” I worked with a black guy for two seasons in Montreal … they tire you out …”

P.K Subban

Following a brief stint as vice -president of Haiti under the tutelage of Georges Laraque , P.K ‘s fortune took a turn for the better as he became a rapper South of the Border. He has had moderate success with songs such as ; ‘ Brad Marchand‘s Wife is a Ho !’, Ice Ice Baby and the romantic ballad ‘ Just Between Jacques Martin and Me ‘. A duet with Tony Bennet is planned for 2013 along with a subsequent tour.

Alexei Emelin

The Russian did no know what hit him. Armed with a limited command of English – Alexei became a bouncer at the famous Chez Paree strip club in downtown Montreal. Emelin gained headlines shortly thereafter for not allowing former player agent and ex-con Alan Eagleson  into the club. Eagleson’s .15 tip to gain entrance was not sufficient in Emelin’s view of things and a fight ensued. No charges were pressed.

Travis Moen

Moen had difficulty. Although acting was a passion of his – agents throughout North America considered him a high risk due to the loss of several of his teeth. After several despondent months , Travis caught on with a band of gypsies in Saskatchewan. The troupe is currently travelling in Asia and Moen is said to be happy as a star in the sideshow.Moen draws hundreds each day as ‘The Talking Hockey Player’. Visitors have ‘ never see anything like it and line – ups are long.

Tomas Plekanec

Plekky was devastated and spent the nights crying into his wife’s arms once his career came to an end. He stopped shaving his head and showering everyday. Eventually his wife left him and he has since been spotted walking through the United States with hair beyond his shoulders. When asked what he is doing …? Plekanec replied ; ” Hockey is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’ll get !”

Stay tuned ladies, gentlemen and Gary Bettman – the rest of the players, coaches and Pierre Gauthier will be found ….

Meanwhile – check out Habs Eye on the Prize , the Hockey Writers and Knuckles Nilan. They are hip, cool and know what they are talking about …

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