Top Ten Signs Rene Bourque is Ready to Rumble !

If the Montreal Canadiens had not dealt Mike Cammalleri to the Flames – their game against the Washington Ovechkins tonight would have been all about two points.

Rick Keene and Chris Nilan

Instead , le match just may be a better sequel than Slapshot 2 ; Breaking the Ice .

The player the Habs received in exchange for Cammalleri, Rene Bourque, was suspended five games for giving the Caps’ Backstrom a shot to the head with his elbow the last time the two squads met. That ‘shot’ gave the Washington player a concussion and his teammates a reason to be angry at the Habs’ new man.

In this case – the instigator rule will be welcomed by Bourque as the pay back may be kinder and gentler than the days when another R.Bourque played the game.

Never the less , THIS Bourque is prepared !

Here now, are the top ten signs Bourque is ready for a rumble !

10. Spent three hours at the skate sharpening machine … Sharpening his stick!

9. Changed his name from Rene to ‘ Junkyard Dog ‘ …

8. Was seen at the local Couch-Tarde convenience store punching beef jerky in the beer

7. Fight Club has replaced Memoirs of a Geisha as his favorite movie of all time !

6. If anyone asks him a question … He responds ; ” You got a problem

5.Challenged the girl at the McDonalds drive – thru window to an arm wrestling match because she forgot to put ‘ ketchup in the bag …!’

4.Receiving phone calls every four and a half minutes from Muhammed Ali detailing the ‘rope-a-dope ‘strategy that worked so well in Manilla …

3. Using ‘imagery’ to the utmost as he pictures PK Subban French – kissing his girl …

2.Asked Micheal Vick’s dog trainers for ‘advice’ …

and the number one sign Bourque is ready to rumble …?

1.” Puttin’ on the foil …!”

Prices Valid until February 28

Prices Valid until February 28

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