Top Ten Reasons Mike Cammalleri was Traded

The Noahs Ark of constenants is no more.

Passed on. Deceased.

He is not stunned – he is dead as a member of the Montreal Canadiens.

Cammalerri - Stressed Out !

The Richmond Hill native has been dealt to the Calgary Flames. Who says a sniper cannot go home again ?

Was the recent trade necessary because of Mike’s diva mentality or is it just another indication of how bad the Canadiens’ judgment has become ?

Cammalleri joins a long line of disgruntled forwards that have moaned and been dismissed from the once glorious franchise. Sergei Kostisyn, Mikhail Grabovski and Mike Ribiero will give Cammalleri a call and have a few beers.Mark Recchi, Pierre Turgeon and Guy Carbonneau can feel his pain. Add Patrick Roy to the mix and here you have an all-star group of players that bucked the Habs defensive system and were jettisoned to greener and less snowier destinations. In the case of Cammalleri, the reasons for his trade are many.

Depending on who you believe – the ex unlucky thirteen was given a pass to the best tickets at the Calgary Stampede for different reasons.

  • The Habs needed size and Cammalleri was too small on a club that included many smurf-like skaters.
  • Cammalleri’s attitude angered and in return – alienated him from his teammates
  • The winger’s comments regarding a ‘ loser’ atomosphere crossed the blue and red line in terms of an organization’s viewpoint.

Whatever the case – he has joined a growing contigent of NHL players who appear to be disinterested in playing for Pierre Gauthier’s non – Flying Circus.

Is Subban next …?

Here now are the top ten reasons Mike Cammalleri was traded ;

10. Gauthier tired of retail stores calling him to say they are now out of hair gel.

9. Gionta, Gill and more specifically – Josh Gorges , complained of Cammalleri taking ‘too many mulligans ‘ at the team’s annual golf tournament.

8. There is no ‘I’ in team.

7. Habs trainers tired of cleaning the stains from one knee …game after game after game.

6.No matter how many times he was told – the toilet seat stayed up!

5. Kept saying ‘ cunnilingus’ instead of Cunneyworth.

4. Youppi got tired of being tickled …

3. Insisted on everyone chanting Guy ! Guy! Guy! everytime he scored.

2. Gauthier discovered Cammalleri has been putting tape on the bottom of Gomez’ skates for three seasons!

and the number one reason Mike Cammalleri was traded …?

1. No room on the Stanley Cup for his name !

Habs Eye on the Prize, the Hockey Writers and Knuckles may agree – check them out !


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  1. Chris Bellman

     /  March 8, 2012

    Funny! Love it especially reason #7.

    As someone who played shinny hockey with Mike in Toronto with my stepson at various rinks during the summers I find it hard to believe how fast this young man fell out of favour in Montreal. Thought he was going to have a huge year for the CH. Not to be.

    I never found him to be a diva, thought he was great with the demanding Montreal media, clutch clutch scorer during the 2010 Cup run etc…. Gauthier could have gotten so much more for this kid than Rene Bourque who is simply not a good hockey player. Should have waited for the trading deadline when Cammalleri could have fetched a lot more.

    And yanking him from the Boston game during the game just pure lack of class on Gauthier’s part. The same way Gauthier apparently called Gill and Spacek and told them they had been traded, but had not confirmed it with the league yet as in received approval so could not tell these proud veterans where they had been traded.

    • It is quite common in the NHL for GM s to trade guys – call them up and not tell them what team until it has been approved. Gauthier if off the hook on that one. As far as Cammalleri being traded between periods and lack of class – what about an employee speaking to the press about his employers ? Im most organizations – the employee would be fred immediately for bad mouthing the organization. Gauthier gave back what Cammalleri deserved ….! He was / is a diva and for the money he makes , a non class act !

  2. Chris Bellman

     /  March 8, 2012

    Gill and Spacek both had some very unflattering things to say about Gauthier about how the trades were handled. Long time journeymen. Been traded before. Both said Gauthier handled the way the trades were announced to them and their families in less than respectful fashion.

    Gauthier is ON the hook for a lot of garbage that has happened in Montreal. He should be dismissed as soon as possible. We will soon see if Geoff Molson agrees with that.

    I would never in my wildest dreams call a hockey player a ‘diva’ although that seems to be the fashionable word to describe Cammalleri.

    Was he selfish and what was really happening in that dressing room? Well, I don’t play for the Canadiens so I don’t know.

    What I do know is Pierre Gauthier is the non-class act. Not Mike Cammalleri, not Hal Gill and not Jaroslav Spacek.

    • Chris – because Gill or Spacek have not dealt with a Gm who told them you are traded but ill call you back – it is common practice in NHL. Gauthier has to go, he is a bad guy and GM no doubt about it – he is also taking hits where he should not because it is fashionable . Cammalleri has been traded three times in six years ..think there is problem ?


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