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Top Ten Signs Lars Eller’s Four Goal Night Inflated his Ego

Lars Eller became the first Hab to score four goals on home ice since Brian Bellows.

This feat caused great celebration among the home fans and in turn – created a fun evening for the young Danish skater.So much fun for the kid – it appears it has gone to his head !

Here now are the top Ten signs this is true …

10. Is now demanding free Big Mac trios at McDonalds.Not just in Montreal …everywhere he goes !

9. When Paul Henderson visited the Habs dressing room before the Tampa game, Lars stood up when someone asked about ‘the goal ‘!

8. Eller refuses to shake Red Fisher ‘s hand !

7. Has informed his teammates that – from now on , they can refer to him as Halak !

6. Nobody , and I mean nobody , can touch his stick ! ( Or – as he refers to it ; ‘my magic wand ‘!)

5. Suddenly – his helmet is too small …

4. Has asked management if he can park his new Porsche in Beliveau’s spot…

3. He called up EA Sports to insist they put his picture on the cover of their NHL video game.

2. Started taking French lessons so HE can coach the team !

And the number one reason his four goal night has inflated his ego ?

1. Does not ‘care’ if number ten is retired – he wants it and he wants it NOW !

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  1. Chris Bellman

     /  March 5, 2012

    Outstanding! A huge Lol from me on number ten and really all of them. That was fun to read. Thank you for the laughs.

    Henderson line killed me too. I don’t know which reason is my fave. All great!

    Seriously, Eller and Jeff Schultz for Jaroslav Halak. Yikes! Think the Blues got the better of that deal as they go for a possible President’s trophy this year with Halak and Elliott going wild between the pipes for St Louis. Montreal and Ottawa missing those two, BUT Price and Lehner are damn fine goalies too of course.

    I just do not think PG got enough for Halak AT ALL. That wild little Slovak took a very mediocre team to the conference finals almost personally. And his Slovakian team to a shocking bronze medal at the 2010 Olympics. Anyway. That has been done to death. Hope Jeff Schultz becomes half the player his big brother Ian is.

    • Eller will ge great if he gets the proper coach …

      • Chris Bellman

         /  March 6, 2012

        Great and Lars Eller just do not go together in my world. Good yes but never great. We will see. He is still so young.

      • In fairness – I probably see more games than you ? He gets no ice time – Gonez was getting more ? I think he needs an experienced coach who will unleash him – at times he plays like Sundin…

  2. Chris Bellman

     /  March 6, 2012

    I watch most of the games. Watching Pittsburgh and Phoenix now waiting for the Jets and Sabres game to start.

    Eller gets an A+ for effort and heart from this hockey fan. I would never ever put him in the great category or mention The Great Dane in the same breath as future Hall of Famer Mats Sundin though.

    He has not produced enough yet. He is not big enough yet. He is not tough enough yet. He has a long way to go before he becomes a consistent 20-30 goal scorer in this league. See if some good coaching helps him indeed. I think he has had that though both in the Blues organization and last year with Muller, Martin, Pearn and this year with the two Randy’s etc……

    See if he gets better and realizes his full potential because heaven knows the kid gives it every shift.

  3. Chris Bellman

     /  March 6, 2012

    Perhaps sometimes. The kid is 6’2 and over 200 lbs. so he has the size. I should not have written he is not big enough yet. He is 22 and probably has gotten as big as he will get.

    Can he produce like Sundin? Is he Hall of Fame material? Can he cycle in the corners as Sundin did, and can he play the tough minutes with dirtbag linemates like Sundin did thru most of his career in Toronto? I seriously doubt it.

    Do I see flashes of brilliance like this game here that you wrote about where he scored four goals? I sure do. He is young, will see what he does the rest of this year as hopefully he sees more ice time with the Canadiens hopefully playing their youngsters as much as possible and sitting their vets.

    Time to watch the Jets and Sabres! GO HOCKEY GO! LOL

    • I believe the Habs have ruined so many kids when they played here ,,,Ribiero,Grabovski,Leclair to name a few – if they don’t make the proper decisions in off season , Eller will be just another number not hanging from the rafters in the future. Heck – they dispatched Turgeon calling him a third line center – all Turgeon did was to play another 8 productive seasons averaging 65 pts in that time …

  4. Chris Bellman

     /  March 6, 2012

    I would politely disagree with the word ‘ruined’. Ribeiro, Grabovski, Leclair were not allowed to realize their full potential in Montreal. They needed a change of scenery one could say.

    Pouliot is doing OK with the Cup champs this year.

    Ryder got his poop together and won a Cup last year, and is doing well with a surprisingly good Dallas squad this year.

    You know I would say it is is the brutal difficulty of playing under the Montreal Microscope that some players adapt to well and handle. Others do not. That is a terrible generality and not applicable in all cases as each player has his own story, and why he failed in Montreal but succeeded elsewhere later but I think that statement has some merit.

    Look at Jose Theodore. Kid wins the Vezina and the Hart with the Canadiens in one phenomenal year. Gets involved with the wrong people, is revered, lets himself go a bit, play tails off and off he goes never again to be what he was with Montreal. Still a serviceable goalie down in Miami though.

    Pierre Turgeon another excellent example for sure. This happens to other squads, but seems more prevalent with the CH for whatever reasons. Kind of baffling. Will leave it at that.


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