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Randy Cunneyworth ‘s Hedonistic Ways

What now … ?

Moore Cake please ...

Will Lars Eller evolve into Guy Lafleur’s younger brother ?

Do the Montreal Canadiens suddenly turn into the Edmonton Oilers circa 1985 ? Or – in the words of Randy Cunneyworth , will the team be ‘ tres contente ‘ with their seven goal outburst at the gloves of the Jets de Winnipeg ?

Just like Hab legend Dickie Moore might reply when asked if he will turn eighty – two twelve months from yesterday ; ” I ‘ll take it one day at a time … !”

A Team in Transition

The Habs ,under the tight reign of Jacques Martin , were not allowed to remove their defensive shorts when an opportunity arose to take an offensive shower.Bathing under a waterfall of goals required
water- wings in Jacques’s scheme of things. Nakedness was not an
option. Now – Eller and company find themselves in uncharted waters.Coach Cunneyworth is all for nude sunbathing and is edging his team to bask in the red light above opposing team ‘s goaltenders.

Some of the players have toiled for Martin for three seasons. They are shy to remove their bleu, blanc et rouge briefs. They are akin to be laughed at or punished if they experienced shrinkage in the other team’s zone.Cunneyworth is no Glen Sather. He does have defensive ideas to tag along with his Stanley Cup aspirations. What we see now with le Club Du Hockey Canadien is a group of players that are in transition.

They know not whether to turn right or left when the whip comes down in the form of an offensive onslaught by the opposition. The good devil on their right shoulders( aka Cunneyworth ) is saying never mind -it’s going to be cool !The red devil with the big ears on the left shoulder ( aka Martin), is chastising them like an angry Dad with poor parenting skills.Cammalleri ‘s head is so mixed up right now – it is amazing he is able to dress himself.

Cammalleri suffered the most under Martin. (Even demanding a trade
last year).If number thirteen continued skating for Martin -his goal output may have been negative before season’s end.Now – Mike must recall how he once was a dominant ,up and coming player in this league. He must teach his mates some of his tricks along the way. Gionta , Moen and Gomez along with ‘Cammy’, have not played together without Martin’s strict , ‘ bathing suit’ rules. Like a blind groom on a honeymoon who suddenly regains his sight – the Hab forwards have discovered what ‘the bride’ looks like.Now – they must decide if they want to score.

Interim Coach – Like kissing your Sister

In a normal hockey situation – the first two weeks after a
new coach takes the helm, progress is made through addition by subtraction. The new coach implements his style and weeds through his team like Crocodile Dundee looking for a … well, crocodile. Along the way, he informs his GM – which players are nice and which players are Mickey Rourk-ish.The bad apples are removed and a brighter, healthier bunch are brought into the barrel.

The new apples are the type the coach enjoys! Fruits that are easy on the stomach. An upset tummy may invite the runs yet not a Stanley Cup one.

In Montreal , home of the ‘not-so- brave’ team owners, a coach in Cunneyworth’s position cannot dress as Paul Hogan on Hallowe’en or any other day of the year and search out crocodiles.The GM won ‘t let him and why should he ? In naming coach Cunneyworth an interim one – Gauthier has also tied his decisions into a knot.The ‘ghost’ has to
pretty much stay with the players he has because the ‘new coach’ who replaces Cunneyworth will have Dundee abilities and the freedom to roam the swamp.Presumably, the new coach will be better than Cunneyworth and may want a guy like Kostisyn.

The Habs are stuck between a puck and a hard place right now.They must stay the course and hope for the best.

If Eller is related to Lafleur and plays like it – good things will happen to all the players on the team. If the team plays like the 1985 Oilers- Dickie Moore may get his eighty – second birthday present in May ,2012 instead of January 6th , 2013 …

Happy Birthday Dickie Moore !


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