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Four – score and Six Years Ago

The Four Goals of Life

The four major aspects of Hindu dharma known as purushartha are:

  • Kama: Seeking physical (sensual love) or emotional pleasure within the limits of dharma.
  • Artha: As kama pursuit has a limiting satisfaction after while, artha or seeking power, fame and wealth will be complementary.
  • Dharma: With age and maturity, one will have the joy of living in harmony with dharma.
  • Moksha: To beat the Winnipeg Jets

Lars Eller accomplished the final goal on the list by completing four goals … Go figure eh ?

Long Time Comin’

Eller is the first Hab to score four goals in a game since Jan Bulis potted four in 2006. After scoring his first career NHL hat- trick – Lars completed his night on a penalty shot at the half way mark of the third period.

What a goal it was …

Eller skated in from the right side and veered left about a foot in front of the Jet net minder. The peanut venders, the ushers , the callgirls outside working the street corner and Jet goalie Chris Mason all slid to their right. Eller stopped briefly and did his best impersonation of Serge Savard – pulling an admirable spinerama and popping the puck into the recently vacated net.

Eller’s fourth of the evening was one of the most exciting goals
scored at the Bell Center since Alexei Kovalev pulled people from their seats when the urge struck him to do so.The Montreal Canadiens as a team are hard pressed to score three goals in a game , let alone four. When one player does it – there is ample reason for Hab fans to go nuts. The problem with Eller’s goal ? It was  illegal.

The penalty shot rule states that the puck must be in constant forward motion. Lars ‘ improbable move – returned the puck toward Carey Price albeit briefly.

Did the refs notice the glitch or was the game considered out of reach  at this point ( 6-2 ) ?  Perhaps the goal was so pretty …  Why ruin a good party ? There is already a conspiracy theory skating through Montreal . One that states the refs are to the Habs what Bin Laden was to the U.S.  Maybe the refs were not going to take a risk at being on the wrong end of a nasty crowd. Clarence Campbell may be the only ghost that occupies the Bell Center right now and the officials were not going to wake him up. Not on Eller’s night.

French / Danish Translation

It's Eller time !

The French fans and media make up that crowd and are ornery these days over the appointment of an English – only coach. Eller’s command of the French language lay somewhere between none and zilch. Funny how the majority of the fans at the game showed their disapproval of Eller’s language issues by giving the Danish skater the longest ovation since the return of Saku Koivu in a Duck uniform.

Talk about ‘quackers ‘ …

Not since Inspector Clouseau’s nose was painted with cold cream have French people seemed so silly … Montrealers may be nuts yet is there a better building to skate in when things move in the proper direction ?

Somehow , things are special in Montreal…

It is not Eller scoring four goals ! It is Lars , Lafleur, Lemaire and Lapointe – all time warped into one special moment. If Carey Price completes a string of five shut – outs , Bill Durnan and Gump Worsley share the ovation with the young net minder. It is the uniform that matters. By scoring four goals , Eller has added to the myth of Les Habitants. Adding another moment to the team’s history.

Moments such as the young Danes’  – have been passed onto generations of hockey fans in the city. A ten year old boy is aware the team , his team , mounted a five goal comeback against the New York Rangers. The young man well knows of the exploits of Mats Naslund and Gilbert Dionne. Eller’s glorious moment may now be passed onto their children and so it goes. Moment after monumental moment. Passed on for one hundred years. A centennial of clippings to add to the arsenal of  young francophone  mens ‘ four goals of life …

  • Kama – Learn to skate
  • Artha -Learn to pass
  • Dharma – Learn to shoot
  • Moksha – Play hockey for the Montreal Canadiens

Maybe the French are not so ‘ quackers ‘ after all …


Habs Eye on the Prize , The Hockey Writers and Knuckles are great to read !

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