Top Ten Reasons why P.K Subban and Tomas Plekanec Got into a Fight

Tsk …tsk …

Boys will be boys and girls will be boys – it’s a mixed up world except for Lola …L *O*L*A … Lola ! Le..le..le..le … Lola !

Sorry – got carried away there …

Tomas Plekanec and Subban got into a brou – ha ha during practice the other day. No big deal. It happens once in a while to teams that are succesful , so why can’t it happen to the Canadiens ?

The fight was a build-up – kinda like the tension  that arose over a period of time between Patrick Roy and Mario Tremblay. Thank God Plekanec or Subban are not coaching …

Here , without any doubt whatsoever are the reasons why the two Habs dropped their purses and went at it …

10. Plekanec said ” Your Momma ” one too many times …

9. Tomas got tired of Subban coming up to him and pulling on his goatee – asking .. ” Is it real …? Is it …?”

8. Subban said ; ” Californifaction is the best TV show …” Plekanec said ” No – it is The Mentalist !” … push came to shove and …

7. Guy Lafleur called Subban to wish him Merry Christmas and ask for Plekanec’s  phone number … Subban gave Lafleur Sean Avery‘s instead. Safe to say …Tomas was none too pleased of the whole affair !

6. An out of town reporter asked Plekanec what the initials P. K represented …? Plekanec replied ; ” Pink-ish Kommie ! ”

5. Subban sent Twitter  picture of his private parts to Plekanec’s girlfriend. The caption read ; Wide Angle lens only !

4. Parking lot dispute !

3. Subban was seen telling everyone that Plekanec’s Mom and Dad were ‘ stupid ‘ ! Case in point – no ‘ H ‘ in Tomas.

2. Plekanec not really into the ‘ Hip Hop scene

and the number one reason Plekanec and Subban got into a fight …

       1. Subban did not put the cap back on the toothpaste !


Hockey Writers , Habs Eye on the Prize and Knuckles Nilan will keep you updated ….

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