Monday Morning Q – Tip

Okay …

Remove all the noise from around the world of the Habs with Le Forum de Montreal Q – Tip. News that happened over the week-end that made you go wtf and  hmmm …

  • Martin Brodeur is one assist or one goal away from tying Scott Gomez in points this season.
  • Josh Gorges signed a new six year deal with the Montreal Canadiens ensuring him the captaincy down the road. That is unless Ronald Corey arrives back in the picture. If the former president of the Habs takes control – Gorges’ reign would last approximately 34 minutes
  • Les Canadiens spent more time scoring at the Florida bars than on the ice. The results …? The Lightning and Panthers 2 – Montreal 0. ( Raphael Diaz scored a hat trick – Suzanne, Donna and Tiffany are said to be pleased …)
  • On this date in 1815 ; Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated by British and Prussian troops at Waterloo, Belgium. Brian Gionta is sporting a red coat and keeping his hand in his jacket all day to commemorate his taller Uncle’s loss…
  • Five years to the day – The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy opens to 152 hand-picked students in South Africa. P.K Subban so far – has received 112 calls and expects the remaining 39 to get back to him by dinner time. No word if Oprah will be giving low fives …
  • On this date in 1988 , Brian Mulroney signs free trade agreement with U.S President Ron Reagan. In August , Wayne Gretzky was dealt to the L.A Kings . Is it any wonder why Mulroney is considered one of the worst Prime Ministers in Canadian history …
  • Panther’s forward Krys Barch is under investigation for possibly sending a racial slur P.K Subban’s way during the Habs – Florida game on New Year’s Eve. Rumour has it Barch called Subban a Montreal Canadien …

    Hmmmmmm ....









Also on this day …

  Westmount Quebec – Montreal Wanderers’ hockey arena burns down. Maurice Richard seen leaving the area with an empty pack of matches …Newfoundland – Founding of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland. When asked about it – Newfoundlander and former Hab Micheal Ryder quipped ; ” Um… what’s a court ?”

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