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Top Ten Signs the Montreal Canadiens are in Florida

It  is – 18 Celsius in Montreal …

Le Club de Hockey Canadien are no dummies. They have taken the first flight out of town to the sunny skies of Florida. How can a beer-guzzling , Jean Beliveau-lovin’  , Gaston Gingras – lunchbox toting fan know for sure their beloved team is there …?

Here are the top ten signs the Montreal Canadiens are in Florida …

10. Half the team mistaken for characters at Disney’s ‘ It’s a small world ‘ attraction.

9. Mathieu Darche and David Desharnais’ Speedos are suddenly ‘ in fashion ‘.

8. Hal Gill recruited immediately as a member of  the  men’s volleyball beach squad.

7. Team greeted by former coach Jacques Martin in his new role … front desk clerk at the Holiday Inn !

6. Much to Eller’s dismay – plus 500 sun block  ‘  not quite ready ‘  for the general public .

5. Guy Boucher making extra dough by giving Randy Cunneyworth french lessons on the side …

4. Weber and Diaz making a fortune betting on Jai-alai !

3. No matter how hard he tries – Peter Budaj just cannot shake the sand out of his mask !

2. Emelin ecstatic with the abundance of orange juice …!

and the number one sign the Canadiens are in Florida …?

1. Carey Price applying layers of  ‘ dark ‘ tanning oil to P.K Subban’s shoulders and chest !


Prices valid until February 28

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