The Ghost Owes Everyone a Solatium

The Montreal Canadiens are in twelfth place in the Eastern conference . Maurice Richard is closer to playing a game with the club than Andrei Markov and the team’s new uni-lingual coach presumably cannot french kiss .

That is the good news …

Pierre Gauthier has taken a solid core from three seasons ago and bit by bit – dismantled it to a inferior version of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Let us take a look at what he has done and how he has left the team in disarray…

  • The team that came within four victories of advancing to the Stanley Cup final boasted a solid defence. Roman Hamrlik and Jaroslav Spacek providing veteran cornerstones to a troupe that included Gorges, Subban and Hal Gill. By dismissing the two veterans – Gauthier misplaced a calming influence. Hamrlik and Spacek had almost forty years of experience bewteen them. Been there – done that is the phrase that comes to mind. The duo did not panic when the defensive walls started leaking and sadly Pierre did not take this into account in the big picture. Markov on the sidelines , in the Ghosts’ defense – left Gill and to a lesser extent, Josh Gorges , as the veterans. Gill has ‘ been there – done that ‘  yet Gorges is in the middle of  ‘ doing it ‘ .
  • Didn’ t Gauthier consult with a doctor … ? Not a physician – a pychiatrist ? Common sense dictates if a player has had two major knee surgeries, there is a posibilty the player and / or  knee will not respond to treatment. This is the case with Monsieur Markov. There is no way Gauthier and the Habs should have toyed with the idea of letting Markov skate with another club. After all , it was not the Russian’s fault his knee became an unwilling victim in Bettman’s league. Markov also deserved another chance with the team due to his loyalty and service. A one year deal would have been suffice. Once the season was completed and Markov’s Колено stood the test of Vryemya – only then should Gauthier considered a long term deal.
  • There was a player that added grit two seasons ago. He was one of the Canadiens best players when they upset Washington and Pittsburgh during the 2009 – 10 playoffs. His name was Dominic Moore. As a reward for his outstanding play – Mr. Ghost sent him to the beaches in Tampa. Money , as in the case of Hamrlik – not that big of an issue. Suddenly there was a void in a certain role on the club so Gauthier fills it admirable with Jeff Halpern. Halpern was no Moore yet was also a determined skater with experience. Last season ends and Gauthier once ” Moore ‘ decides that a player like Halpern is expendable. This season – the team is lacking in the Dominic – Halpern area.
  • Alex Auld came to Montreal last year and was a very good boy. He did not complain. He played fantastic once a month and all indications glowed with a Price – Auld friendship. On and off the ice. What does the ‘ Goat ‘ do …? Gives Auld his passport to Ottawa and signs Peter Budaj to a two year deal. Budaj showed signs of aging prematurely  in Colorado and for 1.1 million a season – Auld could have been had for the same or less amount of money. Gauthier knew what he had with Auld. He did not know how Budaj would play nor if the chemistry between him and Price would co-exist peacefully. Why rock the boat Pierre …?

Martin No Angel

Former coach Martin has a great dfensive mind. The Habs allowed just over two goals a game under the Elfin’s tutelage.If Jumpin’ Jacques decided to watch former Hab Kovalev’s video – perhaps his team would have scored more than two a game also.  Sadly – Jacques opted instead to watch Lemaire’s bedtime stories. Martin’s game plan was supposed to put opposing team’s to sleep. Most games it would yet for two periods at a time. When the oppostion awoke , down by a goal to start the third period – it was Martin’s squad that commenced sleepwalking.

The fans who heep praise on Martin for his ability to get the Canadiens once step away from the finals – have selective memory. In the series against Washington and Pittsburgh , the Habs were so badly outshot – the technicians at Le Centre Bell had to replace the boards behind Halak’s net. If Jaroslav had not stood on his red, white and blue mask – Martin’s troupe would have been dismissed in the ‘ foist ‘ round. Jacques is on the beach somewhere , collecting his money. Mr. Martin should use some of it to take courses on how to coach in the ‘ new ‘ NHL. If not – as his record dictates from Florida and Montreal, eighth place does not look good on a resume .

Cunneyworth Bandwagon

One win ! Place those Hab flags back on your cars and wake the children … ! There is gonna be a parade !

The ‘ usual ‘  route has been altered.

It will not run it’s course through any streets bearing a french name. Rue Ste. Catherine …? As Robert DeNiro  would say … fahget  ’bout it ! The patrons of blvd Rene Levesque will have to walk to ave. Green or Atwater street  to watch Cunneyworth and his band of MerryMen tote the Stanley Cup. Yes sir – La Coupe s’en vien a Montreal en anglais ! English muffins have  replaced poutine as the provincial food of choice.

No need for a solatium to the French-Quebecers !


Eye on the Prize , The Hockey Writers and Knuckles Nilan will tell you what you need to know.,.

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