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Merry Christmas to Mike Matthews

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah and to thank you for your support . In the past month – it is amazing just how many people, animals or things are reading the words  I write.

Each and every time I sit down at the keyboard , my goals are simple …

  • Put a smile on someone’s face.
  • Attempt to send a proper message on fair play.
  • To improve my skills each time.

I believe I am accomplishing these things and the results are showing  in the numbers.

There is one person that believed in me one hundred percent and unfortunately he is no longer with us …

His name is Michael Matthews.

He was the father of two of my friends when I was a young man starting out in high school. I got to know him and his family very well when I was twelve years old. My Mother had cancer and was operated on and concurrently spent a few weeks in the hospital. My father had already passed away and as you can imagine – the thought of my Mom leaving this earth  , really put a scare into me …

Mike Matthews along with his wife June – brought me into their home and cared for my well being during this difficult time . Along with their children Mike Jr, Quentin , Elissia and Jennifer – the family made me feel welcome.

Years passed and circumstances led to me not seeing this family for almost 20 years.

I ran into the boys and Mike Sr a few years ago – Mike ( the Father ) asked me how my writing was going. I told him that aside from a few freelance jobs – it was not going …

After all the years had passed – Mike Sr scolded me for not doing something that he believed in

In the pursuing weeks – through endless emails , Mike encouraged and provoked me to start writing once more. He is the reason that I am doing this Canadiens blog and hopefully will be the reason that this site , along with other ventures of the literary nature succeed.

Mike Sr passed away …

Thank you Mike and Merry Christmas to the Matthews family !

This time of year is difficult for many families that have lost a loved one – please take solace in the fact that your husband and father inspired an otherwise hack to bigger and better things …

Love Rick


Merry Christmas to Kevin and the boys at Habs Eye on the Prize, Bruce Hollindrake at the Hockey Writers and a special Holiday greeting to Chris Nilan – keep up the great work Knuckles and glad to have you back where you belong.

Gift a gift that keeps on giving … The Max Pacioretty Foundation

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Price in effect until Feb 28

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