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Le Forum de Montreal – Turning French

The writing is on the wall …

Not one to be set apart from the masses, this site from now on will be in French only.

Fifty percent of Quebecers speak French at home. Twenty – five percent are English while various other languages make up the remaining twenty – five. Given this cultural fact – I wish to keep the higher percentage satisfied. Unlike the Montreal Canadiens – I am aware that language takes front seat over quality.

The following story will give an appropriate example of what my readers can now come to expect .

Enjoy !

Bruins 3 Habs 2

Les Canadiens duh Montreal were frappe by la Bruins duh Boston la coir qui est befor le coir tonight.

Les jourers de Boston ave no problems avec notres jourers. Ils frappe more and ils score more que us. Cest la second marde de Cunnneyworth en two matches. Ca nest pas tres good pour le couch anglais.

P.K Subban , le big noir guy sur les Habitants a fait pouppu et
leases la puck pour le bruins guy. Le Bruins guy paase a un autre
Bruins guy and ce guy la a marke un butt. Le big noir est mixe – up and il est tres mad after le match.Son couch est tres mad aussi !

La next game pour la gang de Cunneyworth est tomorrow soirée contra
les Blackhawks of Chicago. Ca netait pas facility pour les Habs.

Christmas vienna quick pour les garçons and touted les points are

Bonnie chance les guys !


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  1. Dan

     /  December 21, 2011

    Dats it dats all.

  2. This is awesome! Great read.


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