Top Ten Reasons why Jacques Martin was Fired

You cannot fire twenty-five players.

Someone must take the fall and in the case of the Montreal Canadiens – the coach was the victim.

Jumpin’Jacques was the man who lost his job. Why …?

His team’s record was one reason yet there were other factors involved. No one gets the axe solely because of a losing record …

Here now are the top ten reasons Jacques Martin was fired !

10. Kept giggling when he found out Markov was still injured.

9. He kept referring to GM Gauthier as ‘Bob’s little buddy!’

8. After a loss , players were invited to his place for a massage.

7. When a player asked which line he was on … Martin responded by
shouting ‘A chorus line ‘! At which point he grabbed the player and danced to Liza Minnelli tunes …

6. Instead of video reviews of games – Martin hooked up his
Playstation 3 and ‘ blasted the commies to hell’ in his Call of Duty video game.

5. Insisted on calling Brian Gionta ‘My little pony’ !

4. He would halt practice to use his phone-a-friend option.

3. Nobody was allowed to use pylons until he completed his ‘leaning

tower of Pisa …’

2. Started the day by entering the dressing room and yelling ;” I love

the smell of Napalm in the morning !”

and the number one reason Martin was fired …?

1.Porn on his laptop …


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