All We Are Saying … Is Give Roy a Chance

IF John Lennon were alive and a Habs fan , his next song should be titled ‘Do the right thing ‘.

Randy Cunneyworth has been placed into the hot seat as the new coach of this storied franchise and there cannot be a worse Christmas present for the man from Etobicoke,Ontario. The non – francophone has been inserted as a patsy to ease the pressure off Patrick Roy.There is no place in Montreal for an anglophone coach unless the man’s name happens to be Dick Irvin Sr.

The language that a coach speaks has no place when choosing the best man for the job. In a league where a Russian (Ovechkin) is the second face of hockey – it is time for the French media in Quebec to
understand their roles in ruining what was once ,a proud franchise.The French press and many of the so – called Francophone fans have in many ways,brought the team to it’s knees and turned away
their own in the process.

Let’s look at some of the press’ behavior – shall we ?

  •  Saku Koivu was under pressure to speak French just because he was the only player with leadership skills for ten seasons. The former Captain was also hounded by photographers who risked blinding Koivu for life by taking his picture after a serious eye injury.The same photographers would never had done so to Jean Beliveau.
  •  Vincent Lecavalier and Daniele Briere , two of hockey’s brightest and Francophone stars , shunned the occasion to return home and take the place next to Richard,Beliveau and Lafleur.Instead – opting for peace of mind outside of the rink.

The Wrong Man

Cunneyworth is the wrong man for the job .

Not because he does not know a poutine from poultry. Not because he is a bad coach. He is the wrong man because the Montreal Canadiens are void of heart and passion. Two elements that have been sadly missing since Pat Burns left Claude Lemieux writhing in bad-acting on Forum ice. Cunneyworth in all his U.S Marine appearing glory , simply cannot instill fear into the current day team.There is only one man who possesses the attitude, respect and passion that can inject life into a dormant franchise.

That man is Patrick Roy.

Enough is Enough

In life , sometimes things happen for a reason.

One of these obtuse events occurred in the mid – nineties when then goalie, Canadien All Star and unofficial captain St Patrick , did the unspeakable and spoke.

When he told then President Ronald Corey that he played his final game in a Habs jersey, what Patrick was really saying was something that everyone knew yet were afraid to admit. When Roy angrily gazed into Corey’s eyes , the two time Conn Smythe winner screamed ; ” You are destroying the Montreal Canadiens and I do not want any part of it !”

Roy ‘s passion won two Stanley Cups for Montreal and that passion was not about to stand by and watch his beloved Canadiens fall farther into an abyss.If it were going to happen(which it did), better Roy’s heart was removed to another city.The pain of which was passed through Lafleur, Beliveau and Richard. Roy was and continues to be the final cog in the torch-passing legacy.Not only did Montreal not supply someone for whom to pass the torch – they extinguished it along the way.

Imagine Scott Gomez or Mathieu Darche returning to the bench after a bad shift.Greeted by Roy’s red glare ?Whichever player receives the dreaded scorn cannot dismiss it a la Mike Keenan . No sir.The player will see the eyes of a winner and they will know it. Roy is exactly what they need and they are exactly what Roy needs.

A Challenge

Patrick Roy played and won championships with men. He witnessed the best and worse of the burning desires required to compete. Patrick’s earnings from those years were parlayed quickly into a championship with his Quebec Rempart team. His winning qualities oozing into the young pores that surrounded the St Foy native. Roy has always been one to rise to a challenge.In Quebec , there are no more challenges for Patrick. It is time for a new one.Behind the bench of the Montreal Canadiens.

Cunneyworth,Bob Hartley, Gaston Gingras or whatever poor soul is chosen to coach the Habs will be under a magnifying glass with the heat of the media and fans scorching their every move.

One man can step in and carry the support of the majority of the population.One man can step in and not to have worry about anything except winning.

His name is Patrick Roy. He will do the right thing.

He will win .. !


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