Santa Claus is Making a List and Czeching it Twice – Part Three

Desharnais was caught !

Previous to his snowbank – driven toss , the Habs’ diminutive french-guy was able to gather the remainder of the fat-man’s notes …

The Goaltenders

Carey Price

Changes masks more often than coach Martin changes lines / Bad

Nobody body-checks a calf like he does / Bad ( call PETA )

Gives ‘ Movember ‘ a very bad name  / Bad

Misses one of eight P.K low fives by going high / Bad

Will not share Molson Cup with team-mates / Bad

Gift decision – An autographed copy of ‘ How to make friends and influence people ‘ by Jaroslav Halak.

Peter Budaj

Earns 1,100 ,00 a game / Good ( for him ).

Can’t pronounce his own last name / Bad

Owns bumper sticker saying ‘ I was Patrick Roy’s back-up ‘ / Good

Misses skiing in Colorado / Bad

Who … ??????

Gift decision – Andre ( Red Light ) Racicot’s phone number


Pierre Gauthier

Laughter – a problem / Bad

Penchant for signing offensive defenceman and losing them / Bad

Friends with Jacques Martin / Bad

Signed petition to lower beer prices from $ 10.00 to $ 9.85  + tax / Good

Can’t seem to find his way out of Bob Gainey’s pocket / Bad

Gift decision – The game Risk

Jacques Martin

Laughter – a problem / Bad

Favourite hockey player of all time – Gilbert Dionne / Bad

Anger management non-issues / Bad

Sent slanderous note in off- season to Geoff Molson pretending to be Kirk Muller / Bad

System has never won a Stanley Cup / Bad

Gift decision – A photo-shoot to be Mr. April in my upcoming ‘ Elves and Ears  ‘ calendar.

The Rest of the Coaching Staff

Ha ! Monkeys can do their jobs … !


There you have it ladies, gentlemen and Ted Bird  …

Another year and more headaches for Santa Claus as he perennially attempts to figure out the Montreal Canadiens !

Check out what Knuckles is up to …! Kevin and the boys always have something to say …

Hockey inside Out is filled with crazy Hab fans … ?!

Want to listen to great tunes and aid a race of people that were and are so wrongly treated … K103.7 FM is the place to be .

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Nine days to Christmas … be nice – not naughty !

God Bless Eddy Palchak !

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