Top Ten Signs Montreal GM Gauthier is on the Ball

Hockey fans never see or hear from the man.

His nickname is ‘ the ghost ‘.

All things considered – the man is developing a bad reputation among Montreal hockey fans. However , under the seemingly bad moves – it has been discovered  the Habs’ boss is an astute hockey man.

Here are the Top Ten Reasons proving just that …

Habs - Up the Creek without a hockey stick ?

10. All of his cell phone contacts are filed by their family name alphabetically. Except one. Bob Gainey’s name is first and filed under ‘A’ for *sshole. In contrast – Gomez`name is conspiciously absent.

9. Unless the puppet strings break – under no circumstances will he come in contact with Randy Cunneyworth.

8. He has carefully constructed an organization filled with ex-Ottawa Senator personnel. The term ‘ close but no cigar’ his motto …

7. Has a talent for discovering offensive defenceman among teams that are struggling. No surprise that he signed Markov …

6. Gets dressed every morning – one sock at a time !

5. Most people appear gaunt when dealing with a lot of stress. Gauthier’s gauntness causing stress !

4. Jaroslav Spacek’s family uprooted just before Xmas adding the name ‘ Grinch ‘ to his many titles.

3. Hardly ever gets lost going to work at Le Centre Bell …

2. Each day – he delivers centennial memorabilia to every person who celebrates their 100th birthday in the province of Quebec. Gauthier has made two people very happy in the past three years – one of whom is still alive

and the number one sign Montreal GM Gauthier is on the ball …?

1. The Montreal Canadiens will complete the season !


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Tic Toc Jacques …

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