Sex, Lies and Hockey Tape – Part Four

What’s happening in Tampa …?

Golden boy Guy Boucher’s star is fading fast apparently. Is it because of the debacle that took place when the Flyers mocked Boucher’s trap and refused to move the puck or is Boucher suffering from a sophomore jinx ? Losers of their past five games – Tampa’s high-scoring stars are above only the lowly Islanders and Hurricanes in points. Over-payed and over-estimated Lecavalier is the worst captain since Stubing on the Love Boat. Stamkos and St Louis cannot carry the team on their backs and if Bergeron was not a lethal point-getter on the powerplay – where would Tampa be right now …

Jacques Martin was the GM and coach in Florida. The team , under his tutelage – hovered close to the .500 mark and were playing with the final eight spot in the Eastern division. Sound familiar …? The team started out well and Dale Tallon’s master plan is sound yet it will take a while to sweep Martin’s doings away from the crease. Oh well – the players can go swimming and check out the girls in their bikinis after a loss. Fortunately for Florida – the losses are far and few between …can it keep going ? Stay tuned …


Rick Keene’s Eastern Division Final predictions




Montreal ( without Martin )


New York Rangers


New Jersey / Montreal ( with Martin )







New York Islanders


The Canucks  are here to play the Habs ce soir … if all goes well , they will pummel our guys and help push Martin aside. Unfortunately, the Habs always play well against formidable foes so Martin will live to see another game … sigh

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