Sex , Lies and Hockey Tape – Part Two

The Pittsburgh Penguins were one and a half players away from a Stanley Cup one month ago . One half because Malkin was in and out of the line-up and Crosby was suffering from menopause er …post concussion symptoms. Now the dynamic duo have returned and the Penguins are favored to win a Cup. They are well coached, experienced and have solid goaltending. The only thing stopping them are Sid the Kid’s sporadic tantrums and the Boston  Bruins. The Pens must get tough if they stand a chance of beating the Bean-town Bullies.

Les Sabres de Buffalo sont pas la ! When Miller was decked by Milan Lucic and no one on the Sabres came to his immediate defence – the non – action sent a message to the rest of the NHL. Not a good one. The Sabres told everyone that they are a bunch of spineless skaters. Miller was already suffering and his absence was a blessing. Expect Miller to be traded before the trading deadline as he has fallen out of favor with everyone, including Lucic. Lindy Ruff may also be on the way out. He has survived a long time in Buffalo yet every dog has his day. Buffalo may want to pay attention to the availabilty of Jacques Martin. Martin’s system is tailor-made for the Sabre personnel

The more things change – the more they stay the same. Especially in Philly. The curse of Pelle Lindbergh appears intact . Ken Dryden, Tretiak and the legendary Bernie Parent would all be getting the shakes if they guarded the net in the city of Brotherly love. Pronger is getting old ( hence the injuries ) and the only player that shines on a nightly basis is Claude Giroux. Unfortunately the Flyers forward cannot win a championship by himself. The team should exercise the Lindbergh demon by setting Bobby Clarke on fire on the steps where Rocky ran. Just once though – please no more sequels.

( Sorry – the old logo is nicer ). The Jets are kinda surprising everyone except the fans in Atlanta. The old / new team is playing well yet without all the support from the hockey-mad province – the Jets would probably be win less. If the Jets were smart , they would give Lou Lamiorello a call and try to get Kovalchuk back. A franchise player is Canada would be what the doctor ordered in Winter-peg.

Stay tuned for more – in the meantime , check out the cheerleaders…!

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