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Sex , Lies and Hockey Tape – Part One

Contrary to popular belief – there is life outside the Montreal Canadiens. At least , in the hockey world …

The Montreal Canadiens played awful last night against the awful Anaheim Ducks. In the first period – the Habs had consecutive back – to back – to- back power-plays and managed three shots on goal. That is akin to a man in a whorehouse not being able to get a kiss. What is Mathieu Darche doing on the power-play and why does Martin send out the same guys when they failed twice ? Decisions like these – are making it easy for Habs’ management to send him the way of the Dodo and Paul Maurice. The only thing that is saving Jacques’  derriere are injuries. Sources have informed me – Patrick Roy is waiting in the wings and it is just a matter of time …

The Boston Bruins have become the Philadelphia Flyers of the mid-seventies. Teams around the league are frightened of these guys and it shows in the results. The NHL brass are also seemingly afraid. The Bruins players are getting away with murder – the Kennedy’s would be proud … It will take a coach with balls to insert tough guys into the line-up , forget the instigator rule and pummel the Bruins into reality. If not , another Cup will place a Black and Gold eye on the league. Who says the NHL wants to do away with violence …?

The Toronto Maple Laffs Leafs have surprised everyone except the staff at TSN. Injuries to key personnel including goalie Jams Reimer have not stopped the Leafs from having the third best record in the East. The real fans are waiting for the real Leafs to start skating and losing like they can. Poor Brian Burke. Does he ink sorry coach Ron Wilson to a new deal or is the Leaf record an aberration ? Stay tuned …

The Washington Capitals have managed to play bad and reduce one of the best players in the league to a shadow of his former self. The man is dating a Russian starlet so that may have something to do with. I believe that ex- coach Boudreau did not give Ovie enough love and Ovechkin sulked into an abyss. Dale Hunter is now the coach and if Dale coaches the spoiled kids as he once played – the end of an era will be starting quick in Washington. All the Madonnas will be on the way out with Ovie the last man skating at year’s end. Unless the team pays attention to Mr. Hunter. Watch out if they do … !

The Carolina Hurricanes fired Paul Maurice but they have really nice cheerleaders. The Hurricanes hired Kirk ( is work ) Muller to coach but they have really nice cheerleaders. They may improve and they may not as Muller coaches his first NHL team as head coach. The Carolina Hurricanes have really nice cheerleaders – does anything else matter … ?

Stay tuned for part two …( in the meantime – check out the cheerleaders ) !

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  1. Gern Blanston

     /  December 2, 2011

    We gotta Fire JM!



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