Drunken Refs and Distraught Moms

Enough is enough.

Injuries , Chinooks , a wife’s time of the month, the dog ate my homework – there are no more excuses for the sad state of affairs known as the Montreal Canadiens.

Saturday night, in a game filled with more comic relief than a duo of Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Williams – the Habs system proved once more to be more unreliable than Mickey Rourke in the late eighties. Jacques Martin’s troupe had the Penguins down and out with a 3 – 1 lead. Momentum was Les Habitants’ seventh man and instead of giving the extra attacker free movie tickets, the Canadiens opted to bench him and duplicate another Jacques (as in Lemaire).

A security guard who misses most hockey games as he does his rounds in a high-rise downtown building – is well aware that a war cannot be won if one of the factions stop shooting. ‘ Cease fire ‘ has replaced ‘ Carpe Diem ‘ on the chalk board in the Habs’ locker room as the Montreal hockey team continues to squander points. Precious numbers that will haunt the team in March as they battle for the final eighth spot and a play-off birth. Aside from the 2007 season when then coach Carbonneau led the team to a high-octane offense and first place in the Eastern division – the team never learns from their ‘ trap mentality’.  M. Martin is not Jacques Lemaire, Hal Gill is not Scott Stevens and Raphael Diaz would have a hard time carrying Scott Niedermayer’s retired sweater to the cleaners.

Patches in Trouble ?

Oops …

The Habs’ Max Pacioretty leveled the Pens’ Kris Letang with a shoulder-to-head shot.
Letang – Before

The hit sent Kris ‘ Mom to the comforting arms of her husband and the player’s nose to Wall-Mart. That type of hit that was considered ‘old-time hockey ‘ in the days preceding the political correctness of our times. Now , it is deemed worthy of sending multiple tapes across the hockey universe so the powers that be can decipher it more than an ancient Mayan code.

The league ‘ s most famous bi-polar man and resident disciplinarian –  Brendan Shanahan , will take a look at the mess and decide whether or not to sweep it under the NHL rug. As is well-known – Pacioretty was the victim in the worst case of non-disciplinarian action in the history of the league last season. This fact should not come into play when Mr. Shanahan makes his decision Monday afternoon. Then again, this is the NHL . It is a league that provides more questions than answers on an almost weekly basis. George W. Bush should be convicted for war crimes yet thankfully for him – Gary Bettman is in charge and George bought season tickets to the Washington Capitals’ games.

Letang - After

Letang recovered and skated on to score the game winning goal in overtime.Unless ‘post-concussion symptoms’ enables players to suddenly evolve into Boom-Boom Geoffrion , Pacioretty’s hit should fly under the radar in a post-Chara apocalyptic future.

The bar has be set in a drunken state. If the barfly  from Chicoutimi to Nova Scotia can’t get a grip on the outcome of any questionable hits …

How can the average fan …?

The Price is Right

Speaking of drunkenness …

Good Ref

The referees in the Habs – Penguins match obviously visited a few of the clubs on Crescent Street in downtown Montreal. Not a problem on most occasions unless the visitation occurs before the game …

Bad Ref

Carey Price covered up the puck longer than Ted Kennedy disguised Chappaquiddick. If the puck had been a hand grenade , Price’s body parts would be across the globe and selling on eBay for a great bargain.

Drug-use, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease  along with a few pints of Guinness can be the only excuse for the referee not blowing the whistle on the play. Price was furious after the game. Shattering his stick into more pieces than a Reeses’ packet. The language he used in describing the play afterwards made George Carlin”s surviving daughter smile. Price was furious at the non-call and carefully went through the ‘ seven words a goalie cannot say on T.V. ‘. Perhaps a little frustration of the Habs’ system may be rearing its ugly head through one of Price’s many masks. He is stuck behind a puck and a hard place – because of the system , Price benefits yet he also loses.

Brendan Shanahan should suspend the referee for two games not Pacioretty.

Enough is enough …


Chris Nilan knows the game. Check him out !

Eye on the Prize is a great sight for Habs’ fans !

*** In no way do I mean to offend anyone in reference to Alzheimer’s disease, dementia,bi-polar , alcoholism or drug addiction. If I have done so – I apologize. I firmly believe that laughter is a healthy way of dealing with our fears …

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