Top Ten Signs Crosby Is Back

Sid the Kid has been gone for awhile with his post-concussion symptoms. In fact – the final time the Pens’ superstar laced up his skates , the world was a far different place …

Ghaddafi was alive, twenty-four and in power. Celine Dion was single , poor and a little annoying and Dean Martin was roasting marshmallows – not people.

Here are the Top Ten Signs Crosby is Back …

10. All the Penguins at the Pittsburgh zoo are  following number 87 in a trance through downtown Pittsburgh.

Crosby Returns !

9. Mario Lemieux’s wife is excited to have her sofa clear once again.

8.Sales of Malkin sweaters in decline …

7.The problems of the Pittsburgh Pirates seem smaller all of a sudden.

6.Goaltenders around the league are organizing an ‘ Occupy ” movement.

5. The relatives of Norm Crosby are once again ‘ in the spotlight ‘ .

4. Penguins ‘ coach Dan Bylsma only has to juggle one line now.

3. Somewhere – Bob Johnson is smiling …

2. The ice at all Penguins’ games seem slightly slanted away from Marc Andre Fleury.

and the number one sign that Crosby is back …?

1. Kim Kardashian is preparing pre-nup papers !

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