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In Canada – It’ s a re -Tuque not a re – Cap ! Eh …?

Merry Christmas everyone !

Santa Claus

Snow fell fast in Montreal yesterday. The powdery white stuff accumulated on the cold pavement making the score  Mother Nature 5 – Scott Gomez 0. When Sid the Kid doubles your goal scoring output in one game and icy pellets are more of a threat to incoming teams – IT IS TIME FOR HABS MANAGEMENT TO TAKE A GOOD HARD LOOK IN THE REFLECTION OF THE ICE and DISPEL Gomez to greener pastures. Scott played well against the Rangers yet even Hitler had a great day once in a while …

Habs – Bruins

When the best fight of the night takes place behind the Bruins bench and in the stands , it is a telltale sign the game was not a classic Habs-Bruins one.

Sources have informed me of the reason behind the scrap. A fan was returning from the bathroom and making his way to his seat. The young man had a step on another fan as the two men jockeyed for position. Fan number one gained a couple of strides on the second one and that is where the ‘ fun ‘ began. In the video replay – the footage clearly shows the second man pushing the first man’s head into the stanchion. It was a flagrant cheap shot. A cowardly act by the second fan. The victim lay unconscious on the floor while several of his friends came to his defense with some pushing and shoving.Noone wanted to be deemed the instigator for fear of punishment so the scuffle ended quickly. The man who shoved the head was then seen talking to his friend and motioning towards an usher .

The man’s friend then ran with great speed toward the usher who was bending down to pick something up from the ground. Head down – the usher was sent flying into the air. Glasses and popcorn littering the floor with abandon. Once more – pushing and shoving ruled the minutes yet nothing came of it for fear of punishment by the law. The two victims considered laying criminal charges against the two men yet because of the friendship between the assailants and the police , a decision was reached to walk away.

Gary Bettman must be proud !

Habs play Flyers on Friday at 3 pm ! Amazing that the Americans are able to stop shopping for a couple of hours …

Saturday Night brings Sid the Crybaby Kid into the Bell Center. Snow and Penguins … good mix !

Check out Knuckles Nilan and Eye on the Prize for some more Habs’ related stuff !

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