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Coyote Ugly , Nashville Condoms and Third Base Buffalo Wings

Two of three nights – I got laid.

The first night , Thursday , we met out of town. The two of us returned to her home which was garnished with memories of past visits. A few that knew me  cheered on as I prepared for a night of pleasure.

First base - simple

First base was relatively simple. A few alcoholic beverages will do that. Wanting glances into one another’s eyes with a backdrop of pleasurable music led the way toward a kiss . Lips filled with shivers of  favorable times to come. The bedroom the scene for the assent to second as the marshmallow matress became a foundation for touch , gentleness and a begging for more…

A candle was lit. The mood was set.

We lay on the milky-sheets as our nakedness became one. The flickering light from the surrounding candles gave proof to the smiles on our faces. Shadows cast me as a dark figure. A blackened being about to be one with another. Our

throngs of passion became a wrestling match as the two
of us fought for dominance and position. A combination of seduction and savagery. A route filled toward a tunnel of orgasmic dreams.

She opened and allowed me entry.

A feeling of conquest took over yet allowed for a hint of weakness. The end was nearing until she regained
control.A marathon plausible yet the finish line was near. Finally. An hour long session ended quickly. One fierce motion ejected a hard shot deep into her territory. My body shook. Part relief and part satisfaction took over. A joyous conclusion . A reason to celebrate into waiting arms.

Sleep came quick …

Night Two

My business needed me to hit the road once more. I

departed early . Tiredness played a role along the way. Memories of the previous evening danced in my head like
a fireplace on a cold winters’ eve…

We met ,the two of us – once more.She was newer than others yet experienced as most.It did not take long for the passion to set in. A caress evolving to hardness. A physicality between foes and respected entities.In several quick moves , the hardened floor was the backdrop for small victories.Desires.Yearnings for love both real and imagined.

She fought back…

A battle ensued.A war of feelings and emotions.One would come out on top – yet who ? A quick move on my part

instilled a slight opening.A glint of pleasure flickered in my eyes.A reflection of good things to come.

A quick release this time.A fleeting moment in time.A flick that carried a load of emotion and satisfaction.A
victory that left me as exhausted as a marathon runner on a Sunday afternoon.Victory was mine and I left as quick as I came.

Night Three

Back home …

Happy , tired and fulfilled with promises.Among friends and some detractors.My harshest critics – silenced for a brief moment.

On this night , a friend from since the late sixties arrived.She was limping from a recent altercation.A situation that was discussed yet not prodded.She was in no mood for foreplay , in fact , weakness was on her side.

Despite the fatigue – my legs and muscles were primed.Force took over as I took control.No alcohol – no music. Just two people taking care of business.A duo looking for a healthy match. Quick kisses preceded long thrusts which,in turn,carried a sweetness.An edge which quickly steered my way.

As much as I wanted,victorious ejaculation was out of reach.Two previous sessions perhaps my downfall.Maybe it was
my lack of dominance.Who knew?I rolled over.She tried in vain to attack my senses .Again and again she rolled over me – my nerves shaken with stress.My heart alive yet dead at the same time.Self- satisfaction was her goal.Wanted and eventually fulfilled.I tried not to think as the night eased into further darkness.It did not help.My pain was real…

Two Canadiens’ wins in three nights .

It does not make it pretty …

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