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Top Ten Places to Send Scott Gomez

As everyone knows – Scott Gomez is a very bad man. At the very least – a bad hockey-playing man. What to do with the guy …?

A question that has pundits from Alaska to Trois Rivieres shaking their heads.


Gomez in better days ...

10. Tied to the back of any vehicle that travels over 5.2 km/ hr.

9. A Sea Monkey Aquarium – Scott would fit right in as he paddles the perimeter.

8. The New York Islanders  – Noone would notice that he plays and never scores !

7. Libya – The population are already missing a guy who can’t stand still and is hated by everyone.

6. Guy Lafleur’s hair-weaving clinic – With hair , the Alaskan can hide.

5. L’Anti-chambre – They need guys who never accomplished anything to teach us all the game of hockey.

4. Walt Disney World – One of the pirates in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is broken.

3. Apple – The company needs a sickly , bald man to replace the other sickly, bald man.

2. A Pychiatrist – ( No explanation required.)

and the number one place to send Scott Gomez ?

1. Bob Gainey’s house !

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  1. Chris Bellman

     /  March 5, 2012

    LOL at #7. Gadhafi and Gnomez. Yeah, I like that.

    I liked a recent description I read of Gnomez, the Alaskan Anchor. Went something like this:
    “Gomez skates like the wind with the puck from blue line to blue line, dishes, then disappears.” Ha ha ha! That is sooooooooo true. How often do you see Scotty Hockey do JUST that? Way way way too often.

    How Goatier has not had the stones, or Molson or whoever makes these calls, how they have not sent him to Hamilton a la Jeff Finger who was sent to the Marlies by Toronto, Redden and Avery demoted to the AHL by the Rangers, Souray by the Oilers last year etc……… is beyond my limited powers of comprehension.

    It’s not like the Montreal Canadiens are hurting for cash. They charge $11 for a mere beer for Pete Peeter’s sakes!

    I would hope Cunneyworth drastically reduces his ice time as the Canadiens play out the string. Play the kids, tank, only four points up on Edmonton yet the Oilers have two games in hand so try and get the second pick in this year’s draft. Fail for Nail. Maybe the Jackets won’t take him. The first four picks from what I understand could help a team immediately, and God knows the Canadiens will need help next year right off the hop.

    I also wonder whether Carey Price and Pernell Karl Subban are intent on leaving Montreal. They go RFA on Canada Day. Better get them signed. I have heard they are happy in Montreal, but if this losing continues which I think it will, will they wanna skedaddle outta town and fast as soon as they go UFA on Canada Day, 2013? Perhaps Price wants to go home to Vancouver. By that time Luongo might have worn out his welcome in Van, and perhaps Schneider will have been traded by Gillis. Will be interesting to watch As the Habs Turn.


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