Keene Sweepings

Prostitution 101

I do not have a soapbox and I am not funny looking . I also know there is twelve in a dozen and no matter how much money is tossed my way – I will not become a whore to the corporate world.

I do own a broom and that enables me the power to clean up the nonsense that flows through the mouths of the so-called sports enthusiasts in the city of Montreal.

Mike Boone wrote a great column in the Gazette the other day. The subject matter was truthful and I must agree with the aged writer. Mr. Boone questioned the integrity of the talking heads on Hockey Night in Canada. Comparing the broadcasters that give us their hockey opinions on Saturday night to the glory days of the show in the 70’s and 80′ s. Boone cited the difference between current suits –  P.J Stock , Mike Milbury et al to the Hockey Night alumni such as Dave Hodge , Brian McFarlane and Howie Meeker. I agree with Mr. Boone’s insights. He is right on with his evaluation of the disintegration of what was once – a national treasure in Canada.

Is Madden Available ?

One of the points that Mr. Boone utilized to send a knock -out punch in the form of reality was to point out the National Football League has many former Hall of Fame players and coaches as employees in their broadcasting team.

The NFL has Troy Aikman. The NHL ? Glen Healy. Monday Night Football ( the pigskin version of Hockey Night in Canada ) gives us Terry Bradshaw. Hockey gives us P.J Stock. As Boone pointed out – none of the people on Hockey Night in Canada have won anything or were they particularly good at what they did in the first place. Are hockey players that hard up for employment that the CBC feels sorry enough for them to give them jobs ? Are there qualified players and coaches out there that would do the job yet are not in dire straits ? Something tells me it is a little of both …

In between winning Stanley Cups – Scotty Bowman was once part of Hockey Night in


Canada.It did not matter what role Bowman held on the show. If he was doing play-by-play or filling the water bottles , people listened to what he had to say because he was …well , Scotty Bowman. The former Red Wings , Penguins , Sabres and Canadiens coach was a winner and he hung around with many winners. There is a huge difference listening to him describe a play than P.J Stock. Bowman was the king and Stock was the joker’s water boy. Scotty Bowman was John Wayne and Mike Milbury was the guy who swept up after the Duke’s horse.

Sadly – the ineptness of hiring ‘losers ‘ is not kept soley in the hands of Hockey Night in Canada. It appears to be an epidemic that runs rampant through hockey circles especially in Quebec.

On Habs’ game nights – I always choose to watch the telecasts on RDS. The french language station is far superior in it’s play-by-play than the other options. Forget CBC for the above reasons and TSN would be fine if the Toronto Maple Leafs happened to be my team. RDS gives a slight bias toward the Canadiens yet they are fair in their judgment of the team and it’s players during the coarse of a game. Once the game is over – my favoritism toward the French station ends. Like it’s English counterpart , the CBC , RDS ‘s post -game staff consist of hockey’s version of the Three Stooges.

Michel Bergeron ( the former coach of the Nordiques and Rangers ) never won a thing. Benoit Brunet did win a cup yet like an eighteen year old being seduced by a housewife , Brunet was ‘ lucky to be there ‘. The rest of the cast revolve with open doors as former French-Quebec players walk in looking for a job. Where is Mario Lemieux ? What about Jacques Lemaire …? I hear he is free. RDS is subject to the simple fact that successful hockey players remain successful in life and they do not need to argue hockey three times a week. CBC is in the same leaky boat. What would Milbury be doing if not for his gig on Hockey Night ? Presumably making bad trades with his hockey card collection. What about P.J Stock ? What on earth could a fringe fourth -line player that cheers for the Boston Bruins be doing for a living ? Dressing as a Bruins’ mascot on Battle of the Blades ?

Brown Nosers

Stock - Qualified ?

In the world of broadcasting , like the rest of the corporate world , brown nosing gets people places where they do not belong. Look around . On radio , in print and on-air , the media landscape is littered with idiotas. Aves that are outcasts. Flying reptiles who land wherever they can and dispel their limited knowledge and carnal insight to the masses. Sometimes they get lucky and hit the mark with their droppings. Most of the time – they come across as the out-of-touch people they are. Their followers flock and defend them because ‘ sheep ‘ cannot think for themselves.

If they could , they would come to a quick conclusion that  ‘ thirteen -to-a-dozen ‘ is all smoke and mirrors and what lies behind is pretty ugly and not cheap. Pathetic sycophants grasping for straws with enough knowledge to fool the masses but not the Masters.


* Any resemblance to a person(s) living or dead is pure coincidental.

* No animals or broadcasters were used or harmed during the filming of this story.



Jacques Martin’s system worked perfectly against the Senators , Bruins and Flyers. Like last season – the players get bored every once in a while and rebel against it. The result ? A loss to the Rangers last Saturday. Recap

The exciting Oilers are in town tonight and will give the people spending 250 bucks a bang for their buck. If Price is on the Habs have a chance – if not , lookout !

Scott Gomez is practicing with his mates . Why should all the kids fighting for a job with the Habs take a back seat to Gomez ? He is finished and should be sent away.

See what Knuckles has to say.

Habs Eye on the Prize

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