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The Top Ten Scariest Moments in Montreal Canadien History

Halowe’en is comin’  boys and ghouls …

There have been a few hair-raising moments in the history of the team – here are the worst of them as judged by the GHOSTS OF THE FORUM …

10. Patrick Roy telling Ronald Corey that he had played his last game as a Hab.

9. Ronald Corey naming Mario Tremblay head coach and Rejean Houle General Manager of the hockey club.

8. Guy Lafleur driving into a fence and almost decapitating himself.

7. Pierre Mondou being hit in the eye by Hartford’s Ulf Samuellson’s stick during the 1984-85 season.

6. Sahu Koivu getting hit by Carolina’s Justin Williams stick in the eye during the 2006 play-offs.

5 . Jean Hamel taking a puck to the eye against the Bruins in 1984.

4. Saku Koivu battling cancer.

3. Max Pacioretty being pushed into the sanction by Zdeno Chara. Breaking his vertebrae and knocking him unconscious for what seemed an eternity to the Habs and their faithful.

2. Trent McLeary getting a puck in the throat off of a Chris Therien snapshot – the Flyers’ shot crushed his larynx and collapsed his lung.

and the Scariest Moment in Habs’ history … ?

1.. The ‘ Stratford Streak ‘ aka Howie Morenz – crashing into the boards , getting his skate stuck and having the Blackhawks’ Earl Seibert fall on him. Morenz broke his leg in four places along with his ankle. Legend says that Morenz died due to a broken spirit when he thought he would never play hockey again.

The Habs play the Flyers tonight … talk about scary !!!!!

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