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And now for something completely different …

Hitler did not kill all the Jewish people during the second world war …

– A young child who tragically lost his parents in a horrifying car crash – went on to live and fall in love. Creating generations of laughter and memories so a scrapbook could live forever.

– Hank Aaron’ s 755 home runs make him the home run king for those who know right from wrong.

– For every Celine Dion – there is an Arcade Fire.

– A homeless man is still alive.

– Micheal Jackson’s voice and feet have been forever silenced. Try to stay still when ‘ Billie Jean ‘  plays on the radio.

– A tree – naked by the season , returns more beautiful than ever in the springtime.

– For every Gaddafi there is a Jack Layton.

– In London , a poor boy can play for a rock n roll band.

– A dog with three legs can still wag it’s tail.

– A man and woman with no food  in the cupboard – can spend an entire evening making love.

and finally

The Montreal Canadiens are four points removed from a play-off spot with 74 games left to play.

Please check out Chris Nilan’s take on the Habs loss to the Panthers.

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