TSN Radio 990 Drops the Puck with Marinaro on Board.

Tony Marinaro maybe ‘ living the dream ‘ yet to many – he ‘ s a nightmare.

Marinaro - your worst nightmare !

It is very rare that I tune in to the former Team 990. Which is a shame. Mitch Melnyk and Randy Tieman are two of my favorite sportscasters . Randy for his down – to – earth personality who comes across as a normal fan and Mitch for being the type of guy who lives in the trenches. Unlike Marinaro et al – Melnyk is out in the city among the true fans. This enables him to give an insight far removed from the armchair , video – loving views that the rest of the TSN Radio guys cannot.

Following the 3 – 1 loss to the Sabres on Tuesday night , I tuned in at lunchtime on Wednesday to get a pulse on the the Habs ‘ loss. What I heard reminded me why I do not listen to this station.

Randy Tieman - Gimme a beer and some chips please ?

Marinaro and Tieman were taking phone calls. Tony commenced the proceedings by asking a question. “Who was responsible for the Sabres ‘ second goal of the previous evening’s match ?”Caller after caller( with Marinaro and Tieman offering their opinions in between),phoned in and for the next hour – the GM ‘s of the city deciphered the weaknesses of the Montreal Canadien defense. That is fine. The two men were doing their job and supplying a demand for the fans of this hockey – mad city. Or were they ?

Perhaps Tieman and Marinaro are as delusioned as most people in this city when it comes to our skating heroes. I fear the bar in this city has dropped further that Paris Hilton‘ s values when it comes to assessing the real problem of Les Habitants. Instead of feeding the topic or bringing it into play – the question Marinaro should have flipped the listener’s way was a complete 180 from the question that ruled the airwaves for sixty irritating minutes.

The question that a true Montreal Canadien fan should have asked was ; ” Who is responsible for the Habs ‘ inability to score more than three goals a game ? “

A Sad State of Affairs

Buffalo net minder Ryan Miller played well. He is among the top five goalies in the NHL.

A Game - breaker !

If not for him on Tuesday night – the Montreal team would probably have won.Why pick on Carey Price and the defense ?

In a galaxy far , far away ( the Montreal Forum circa the 197o’ s) , the city ‘s hockey team faced many formidable goaltenders. Bernie Parent , Gerry Cheevers and Tony Esposito to name a few. Guy Lafleur , Pete Mahovolich and Steve Shutt were stymied time and again.The team was left deflated on the bench on numerous occasions heading into the third period down by a goal or two. Yet somehow – Doug Risebrough , Gilles Lupien or John Van Boxmeer made sure the Habs ‘ were able to come out victorious.

Was it the players ‘ character that enabled a positive outcome ? Was it their Captain who was able to say a few choice words when the team ‘ s ears were left deafened with a possible defeat ? Sure it helped. However , the most important factors on that team or any team that has the ability to come up big are a game – breaking player and a good coach. Two elements the 2011 – 12 edition of Les Canadiens are lacking. A pair of ingredients that have been awol for two decades.

The Montreal Canadiens have the firepower. Even without their power play quarterback Andrei Markov. Gionta, Cammalleri , Kostisyn , Cole and Pacioretty. All these players are goal scorers. Add Subban to the mix along with up and comers Eller and Desharnais – this team should be easily netting three or more goals a game. This element along with Carey Price allowing just over two goals a game should add many wins to the Habs’ schedule. Sadly it does not. Every season ( this year will be no different ) , the Canadiens claw their way into the play – offs. Something that would not occur if the offense was feared by the other teams in the league.

Cut from the Same Cloth ?

The Habs need a superstar.

You guys have kids that can skate ?

A creative offensive player who would free ice for the rest of the forwards. Someone who is able to elude three checkers on every second rush. A player that makes opposing defencemen ‘s heart skip a few beats as they back peddle in a state of panic. (How old is Stephane Richer ? How is his back … ?)

Year after Stanley Cup missing season – the Habs’ management draft defencemen using their top picks. Year after year the team thrives on a defense – first mentality. Hello ? It has been eighteen years since a championship fellas – THE SYSTEM IS NOT WORKING !

It is one thing to make sure the defense is strong and the goaltending is stronger. It is a great idea to compliment that end of the ice with nine competent speedy forwards who can score goals. However , it is somewhat absurd to take such a team and put a defensive – minded coach in charge. The Elfin Martin knows not how to get into the heads of his forwards. He hasn’t a clue how to light fires under their red , white and blue ‘ butts. Geoff Molson or Pierre Gauthier should take Martin by his ears and place him as the defensive coach on this squad. Jumpin’ Jacques could do his thing and an offensive – minded person with passion could lead the team to glory as the head coach.

Unless moves are taken to remove Martin and to forego the ‘ defense – first ‘ mindset at the annual draft , the Montreal Canadiens will continue to allow an armchair fan such as Marinaro to drown the airwaves with nonsense and put everyone to sleep.

A Tony Marinaro Fan

Which is a nightmare. Any way you look at it.

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  1. Alex J. Glass

     /  October 24, 2011

    I don’t know why there are negative comments about Tony. It took me a while to like him, when he was a panelist on 110%, because I didn’t feel that his French was elegant enough for a large audience program, but in English, on the radio, I like him. He seems to pay attention to detail and watch his language, something that our own French reporters, advertisers and sports talk show hosts too often neglect. I like Campbell much less, because of his *The Canadiens, they are doing this *, which is bad grammar and gets irritating, because it occurs too often. Maybe someone is getting on Tony’s back because our team is having a bad start, this season.

    • Hi.
      Thank you for reading – I appreciate it very much.
      I do not know Tony. I feel that he is a very decent man. I do not know the politics that go on behind the scenes at the station and I am sure that sometimes he must have to talk about things that he should not. I can only judge on my own opinions of his ‘on air ‘ comments which drive me nuts. I fell he misses the point on so many occasions. He has an opportunity , as do all with a voice , to bring up the wrongs of the organization. It seems people are afraid to criticize certain things about the Habs. My criticism of Tony is professional not personal.


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