Gomez – A Lonely Boy

Scott Gomez ' Motto ....

If you can ‘t beat ‘ em – join ‘ em …

Pierre Gauthier could have been thinking exactly that when he signed Erik Cole to a three year deal with his hockey club. After – all , Scott Gomez needs company.

The Habs G.M probably figures that Erik Cole could be the goal scorer that Montreal needs and if not – Cole could keep Gomez company in the ‘ Zamboni house ‘ . If Cole evolves into the second coming of Sergei Samsonov – the ‘ rouge , blanc and boo birds at the Bell Center will be louder than the bad songs that play on game nights at the hockey rink. Bieber anyone ?

The Right Cole

Which Cole didl Montreal receive ? The 22 goal forward from last year or the 15 ‘ net bulger ‘ from two seasons past ? If  Cole can make Gomez’ output seem high , then Gomez may play better with all the pressure now firmly planted on the shoulder pads of Cole. The hairless one is in a good situation – noone expects nothing from the Habs’  number eleven . All Scott must do is score twenty goals and obtain fifty points. Those fifty points would almost match the fifty – two point output  by Cole last season. If  Gomez can actually place better numbers on the board , the pressure on Cole would be relieved as long as the former Hurricane matches his output from last year.  ” You do my murder –  I do yours …”. Alfred Hitchcock would be proud with this criss – crossing of events.

No ‘ Cole ‘ in my stockings please …

If the American – born Cole continues his assent up the NHL goal scoring ladder , Gauthier is keeping his hockey sticks crossed the New York State native somehow lifts Gomez with him. Last season – no matter if a twenty year old Wayne Gretzky had played with Gomez , it appeared Scott was doomed for failure. Given his dismal season , the Habs are stuck with Sarah Palin’ s neighbor. The storied franchise must build with him in mind and not around him. Unlike the world according to George W Bush – you can still be America’s ( and Habs fans’ ) friend if you are Scott Gomez…

In the off – season , Gauthier signed a few forwards . Is he using his imagination ‘ au bout ‘ to make up for Gomez’  potential upcoming  career – ending season ? The more – the – merrier is true when it involves a party , an orgy or Scott Gomez’  spot in the line – up. After two games in this new season – Gomez appears on a pace that would match his lows of last season. Hey – two games do not make a career yet a less hairy version of  the 1984 – 85 model of Guy Lafleur is not promising.

What ‘ s Up Jacques ?

Hello ?

Someone please take the post – it note down the hall and slip it under the elfin Martin ‘ s door. Which post – it note ? The one that informs the coach that the Habs acquired Cole as their prize free agent during the off-season. Where was Mr. Cole during the five man advantages against the current incarnation of the 1967 Toronto Maple Leafs ? Was the addition of Cole not part of the grander scheme of things to instill more offense on an anemic Montreal squad ? It is early in the season and Jumpin’ Jacques is attempting to learn who is competent on the power play. When your team is down 2 – 0 to a team that boasts a bunch of young relatively unproven talent – it is time to throw caution to the Lake Ontario wind and toss your new power forward into the mix.

Cammalleri Replaced

The Habs ' Ned Braden ?

Aaron Palushaj looked very good in the pre – season last season and was pretty much worse this year. The former St . Louis Blue is high in the pecking order on the Hamilton Bulldogs so an opportunity to replace the injured Cammalleri is his. The knock on Palushaj is his inabilty or his abilty rather – to do a very good impression of the former Bruin Craig Janney. Aaron has great hands and excels as a playmaker. His weakness ? Once the tough get going – Palushaj literally gets going … down the hall and into Don Cherry’s Swedish hall of fame. All of this will not matter if the former Peoria Rivermen ( Man ? ) uses his graphite paddle for good and not evil.

Hey if Palushaj can ‘ t beat ’em … ah never mind !

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