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To Y or not to Y …That is the Question …

Alexei Emelin or Alexei Yemelin ?

You say tomato – I say tomata …

Y - Emelin ... ?

As the Montreal Canadiens commenced their season Thursda*  in Toronto , the Doors song ‘ People are Strange ” must be the tune on ever  member of the organization”s IPod.People are strange and in Montreal – things are getting stranger everyda* .

First , after acquiring forward Blair Betts from the Fl*ers , the Habs learned that Mr. Betts was not of sound shoulder. In a b* law – without paraphrasing Mr. Bettman or one of the NHL suits , Betts was returned to the Fl* ers because a skater must be deemed health*  when claimed off waivers. A collective ” phew ‘ could be heard loud and clear from GM Gauthier “s office .A sigh of relief so loud – Benoit Pouliot awoke with a thud in his new digs of the Boston Gah – den press box.

Strange … ?  Wait a sec.

The Habs finall* persuaded their prize Russian defencemen – Alexei Yemelin , to come out to skate at the Bell Center. Good news right ? Sure except  Mr. Yemelin lost his place on the depth chart to a man with a Spanish name who made his mark in Switzerland. Strange ? Wait – it gets better.  It appears Yemelin is not Yemelin at all. The seventh defenceman on the depth chart is now Emelin. ” Y ” you ask ? Perhaps Blair Betts has the answer … except Betts is in Phill*  so he is not available to the mass of Montreal media. Did Betts arrive in Montreal as a special agent for the Fl*ers? Was he put here for a few hours just so he could pilfer the Y from Yemelin” s sweater ? Does the departure

Y Betts Y ?

of Richards and Gagne require a ” Y ” for Fl*ers” fans … ? Y not ? They have a goalie for the first time in decades at the expense of their offense.  Y indeed ? That “s correct – there is no Y in Holmgren or Clarke. There is also no Y in team…

Strange … ? Wait a sec.

The Habs start the season in Toronto. If ever there was a place in need of a Y it is Hogtown. The might* Habs with Jumpin”  Jacques leading the wa* and their Y – less player in the press box, lose to Burke”s bo s … Notice the missing letter ? Emelin did not have it . The Toronto pla*ers did not have it. Wilson”s squad pla*ed like men even though the* are one of the *oungest teams in the league. A missing Y skates around and again nips the Habs in the Betts …er … um butts. HOW COULD  Les Canadiens de Montreal lose to a Leaf team with a rookie netminder , one bona-fide sniper and one qualit* defenceman ? Remove the Y and it is relatively eas* . Pierre ( have you ever heard him speak ) Gauthier made some off – season moves that equaled the strange moves b* the entire organization in the past three *ears.

M*  Montreal Canadiens would have taken to the ice on Thursda*  a far different squad than the one guided by the elfin Martin. Dominic Moore would have set up Hamrlik for the t*ing marker just previous to the Wiz notching the winner on a feed from Eric Cole. Gu* Boucher would have been behind the bench and congratulated by Kirk Muller for the win. Alex Auld coming off the bench to give Price a pat on the butt. M* Habs would have won in Toronto by a score of 4 – 1. Y ? Don”t ask … don”t tell.

As simple as x , , z

Strange ? Wait a sec.

Nos Glorieux lose ( for the second time ), their off-season defensive pick-up – Chris Campoli for two weeks as the former Senator and Blackhawk injures a knee.(Chris almost lost his head in a pre – season game with the noted goons of Tampa) No problem. Y ? Alexei whats-his-name to the rescue. Emelin was inserted to the line-up against the new/ old Winnipeg Jets to pla* his first ever game in the NHL. Emelin played 16.21 , had one shot on goal and achieved his first penalty of his NHL career. It was a hooking penalt* . Emelin or Yemelin and the Habs then learned Mike Cammalleri will be lost to the team for two weeks as the Canadien sniper”s leg was sliced b* a skate. There is no Y in eeks as the Habs misfortunes keep on piling up. Someone please tell Markov to sta* awa* and at the same time – lift the curse of Serge Savard. The Habs have not been the same since Le Senateur was given his walking papers by hocke*”s version of Claude Brochu.

Strange ? Y do you ask … ?

Habs 5  Jets 1 – Cammalleri, Weber , Plekanec, Moen and Pacioretty

Habs 0 Leafs 2 – Nobody

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