The Top Ten Signs NHL Hockey Has Returned

After a long summer filled with tales of Libya , Tsunamis and overpasses falling down – Montreal and North America have received the good news that the millionaires of winter have returned to shoot vulcanized pucks our way.

Here now are the top ten signs that yes – hockey has returned.

10. RDS is covering the Canadiens twenty hours a day compared to the nineteen and a half during their summer schedule.

9. Once again – fashion gurus are scurrying around to fight for the job as Don Cherry” s tailor.

8. Welcome to our hockey  ool. Notice there is no Modano in it ? Please – keep it that way !

7. It” s September ! That means more trouble for Guy Lafleur” s son Mark …

6. Zdeno Chara keeps damaging the Cup by hitting ceiling fans – over and over …

5. One irritating word ; Milbury !

4. Wayne and Janet Gretzky are taking bets on how long Rick Tocchet stays out of jail.

3. Winnipeggers now have something to do !

2.Dr. Murray hired by the Toronto Maple Leafs to give Propoful to all of their fans.

and the number one sign hockey is back …

1. No more dead hockey players !    

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