A Bad Ping – Pong Contest

Bye Bye Ovie ...

The Lightning removed the Washington Capitals in four games and looked very good in the process. Ditto for the Boston Bruins as they orchestrated a golfing match for the Philadelphia Flyers.Two teams at the top of their games meeting for a chance to compete for the Stanley Cup. What the heck happened ?

What the fans have witnessed the past six games is

Boucher , Leighton or Bob ?

anyone’s guess. At times there has been top goaltending by both teams followed closely by bad goaltending by both teams. Quick offence has also been tossed around and then at times – offence became offensive. Instead of hockey fans getting Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson at the top of their game – what they are witnessing is a current Ali fighting George Foreman ‘ s barbeque grill.

What game plan ?

At the beginning of the battle of “B” ‘s – coach Boucher and coach Julien may have had a plan.

Julien’s squad held an edge over the Bolts” defence and Tim Thomas was beyond Roloson in talent – not age. Tampa ‘s Lecavalier , Stamkos and St. Louis had to be stopped and the oddsmakers in Vegas bet firmly on Thomas et al to be the ones that could do it. Suddenly , Tampa is scoring at will and guess what ? So are the Bruins …

Bruins Defence - D is for doormat

Back and forth the two teams travel like a wayward Kerouac without a boxcar. Two zip for Tampa and the Bruins are done. Flip it and the results are the same. Any lead in this series is as dainty as a tea cup on Lady Gaga’s piano.What is the reason for the scariness when it comes to defence. Where on earth is Jacques Martin”s philosophy that pushed the Bruins to the brink. Guy Boucher probably figures – if it did not work for Montreal , why do it ?

Julien on the other hand is probably going out of his mind. A defensive guy if there ever was one – Claude would be on his way out if he was coaching in New Jersey or Montreal. The only thing that will save his job for next season , regardless of a Stanley Cup final and / or win , is Boston’s venture into waters unknown. The Bruins have been in the doldrums almost as long as the Leafs. To come this far and then fire Julien for his inablity to corral his troops and stop the Lightning scoring would be like punishing Livingston for discovering Lake Alexandria in Africa.

It is not in the bag ...for either team !

Sanity Will Prevail

This is it.

Michael Jackson is dead and whoever wins tonight’s game goes on to the finals. The loser will not live on in infamy through video releases or compilation CD ‘s. There will be no memorial for the team that dies tonight.That is why – ‘old fashioned hockey’  will be declared fit enough to play against the Vancouver Canucks.

Back and forth , up and down and firewagon puck chasing cannot be deployed in such a game. There is too much at risk. If the dykes are opened as they were in the teams’ last game – one never knows what garbage will come in with the water.Ask the San Jose Sharks. They have tales of bad bounces that would make Craig McTavish don a helmet. Don Cherry was at a loss for words as Vancouver ‘s stanchion beat the Sharks. Llike Cherry’s clothes – it wasn’t very pretty.

Tonight’s the Night ( gonna be allright )

Ce soir it is Korea against Japan in the biggest ping – pong game seen at the pretend Gah-den since 1972. If the teams’ are smart – they will hit the ball with force and accuracy towards their opponent.If they see an opening , a chance to ‘ score ‘ a point – go for it and see what happens. There are sixty minutes to be played and patience is a virtue . Losing a game 2 -1 giving up twenty shots is a big difference from losing 2-1 while leaving your opponent fifty shots.

Goaltending and talented scorers should decide game seven.

Stanchions are for concussions …

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