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Top Ten Signs Spring Has Arrived in Montreal

The sun is out , the birds are chirping and the sweet scent of dog poop is filling the air. That can only mean one thing …

Spring has arrived .

In case there are those who are in doubt , La Forum de Montreal has sent a reporter to uncover many more signs that spring has indeed arrived in our fair city.

Without further ado …

The Top Ten Signs Spring Has Arrived in Montreal

10. Extra city workers hired to sweep the ‘ usual route ‘ ..

9.  Glare from Stanley Cup rings more prominent in mid – day sun.

8.  Guy Lafleur a little more giddy than usual.

7. Tears from the city of Toronto like a fine mist if the wind blows eastwardly.

6.  Extra riot gear ordered by Montreal police !

5.  Ken Dryden heard singing ‘ six Cups in eight years ‘ over and over again.

4.  Chris Nilan becomes very agitated .

3. Patrick Roy starts ‘ winking ‘ at everyone !

2. Jean Beliveau , Yvon Cournoyer and Henri Richard compare their thirty – one rings !

and the Number One sign that Spring has arrived …

1. The Boston Bruins start booking tee times at their local golf course !

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