Habs ( Ghosts ) Will Prevail …

Thirty – two times the Habs and the Bruins have met in the post – season . The Habs have won seven Stanley Cups against their rivals . Does anything else matter … ?

Thirty - three and counting ...

Sure the Habs lost 7 – 0 the final time the two teams met in Boston . Sure the Bruins have won two of last three games , outscoring Montreal 15 – 6 in the process . Lest we forget – sandwiched between the pair of Montreal losses was a very convincing 4 – 1 victory in a game that featured the infamous ‘ Chara ‘ incident. Pacioretty was injured in that game after being pushed into the partition by a Chara glove . The incident was deemed a ‘hockey play ‘ by the Three Stooges – aka Gary Bettman , Colin Campbell and Mike Murphy . Chara was not suspended and the Habs did not exact revenge for that hit in the following match . Or did they … ?

Let ‘s look at the facts.

Beatdown ?

In the 8 – 6 loss to the Bruins at the T. D rink ,  the Habs were with the Bruins all the way . What the game came down to was a 2 – 0 loss . This outcome is not something to be ashamed of even if is against the Florida Panthers. That game has been labelled the ‘ beatdown in Beantown ‘ given the amount of penalties and fights that took place . So the Bruins ‘ tough guys outnumber the Habs tough guys . Will that win them a first round series or even a Stanley Cup ? No sir . Not unless your goalie is named Bernie Parent and your leader has a toothless grin . So forget about that game as a point of intimidation for the Bruins .

Next , or suivant as they say in a hot dog line at Le Centre Bell  – is the 7 – 0 loss at the pretend Gah – den.

A Beautiful Rivalry

The first three goals in the game , all Bruins , were fluke . If you looked up the word ‘ oops ‘ in the hockey dictionary – a photo of Carey Price ‘ s ‘ low – lite ‘ reel would surely rise up on your Iphone. The puck deflected off skates , sticks and defencemen . The rubber disc deflected more often than a Barry Bonds response in a perjury trial and it left the Habs down 3 – 0 before a frenchman could pronounce Doug Wickenheiser. The Habs rallied at the beginning of the second period yet the fourth Bruin tally pretty much left them dead on the frozen water. The Canadiens essentially threw in their car flags and the game was over before the third period got underway. Erase those three bouncing goals and the outcome would be akin to Pee Wee Herman erasing his visit to a Porn Theater . Same game , same characters yet a entirely different outcome…

Bostononians on Mushrooms ?

It is entirely possible that the Boston team and their disciples do not view the games in the same light . That is where the Montreal Canadiens have exacted revenge . Call it smoke and mirrors , name it after Muhammed Ali ‘ s famous rope – a – dope . Whatever the label – it is what it is … A false sense of security in the most timely of moments for the fabled Montreal Canadiens.

The series will be starting in Boston . The scene of the caper .

Speed Kills

The home team and it ‘s goons ….er fans , will come out with more hunger than a lion after a long nap . They know they can bang around the much smaller Habs. They are aware that if they can upset a team that took more minor penalties in the regular season than they did – it will allow them an opportunity to fire many shots at the Habs ‘ young netminder. More shots equals more goals and will give them that extra skater known as momentum. This is where the Habs must weather the storm and allow themselves to be pushed around for the first ten minutes of the game . Once the Bruins initial attack has been subdued and the boys from beantown are looking for a Red Sox boxscore – the Habs must then utilize the one weapon that the Bruins do not have . .. Speed.

Once the non – Francophone frenchmen start flyin ‘ , it will be the Bruins who will start to get frustrated and allow the Habs to sign momentum on their team. Chara has shown in the past , Pacioretty incident aside , that he skates a fine line between passion and aggression . Milan Lucic , the Cam Neely of 2010 -11 , has also shown that he can be knocked off his game as a Hab killer quite easily . If the Martin – led Montreal team maintains discipline and sicks Ryan White onto Lucic , a 2 – 0 series lead heading back to the home of twenty – four Stanley Cups is not as crazy as it sounds.

The key to victory , for both teams , is not unlike any other of Bettman ‘ s cap – induced squads . If Carey Price or Tim Thomas falter , then any game plan by Martin or Julien is out of the window and the outcome will be blowing in the Massachusets and Quebec winds. Price has some pressure on his shoulder pads given the recent history and his weak performance in the past playoff games against Boston.

What was it that Price said when the fans were all over him in the pre – season after a terrible outing ? ” Chill – ax ….? ”

Yes Montreal fans – that ‘s what it was .

Habs in five !

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